Setting the Table for Thanksgiving

When it comes to setting the table for Thanksgiving dinner, my family has never been extremely formal with our decor. I mean we're lucky if we can even get the men off the couch and away from watching football. So it's usually all the women at the table, men cheering on their team in the living area and the dogs trying to sneak whatever crumbs they can. While this may be nontraditional for some, it's exactly what makes Thanksgiving Day perfect to me. As I get older though I have more of an appreciation for the decor and effort that goes into setting the Thanksgiving table, and not just the amazing food that goes on it. Since I am currently apartment style living and do not have a table (we have a bar top area, so don't think I'm living out of a shoe), I will have to keep these amazing Pinterest inspirations in my back pocket. For this year's table, I've noticed that gold accents and deep, rich color schemes are in... like lavish purples, darker oranges and oxblood red. So I pulled a few of my favorite Pinterest finds, that'll hopefully inspire your traditional tablescape.

A gorgeous tablescape from Apartment 34. I love how they went with an unusual color scheme for their table setting. The dark purple tones, mixed with copper, green and black finishes, really set this table apart. I also like their mix and match approach to dinnerware pieces. The various plates do not match, but are coordinated enough in a way that they work well together. 

When it comes to the centerpiece, I am OBSESSED with using pumpkins. Now I'm not talking just throw a pumpkin down on the table and call it a day. No ma'am! There are many ways you can utilize this simple fall novelty. Spray paint your pumpkins gold, use the pumpkin as a flower pot, or add mini pumpkins to a planter or use as garnish along your table runner.

The burlap trend will never go out of style as far as I'm concerned. However, there are ways to make it look amazing (like above) or ways that it can be super tacky. I love to use burlap because it's extremely inexpensive and there are numerous ways to utilize it. I really like how Yellow Bliss Road doubled up her tablecloths and used a burlap overlay, above. You could use the overlay approach for just about any table setting. 

Finally the place cards. While you would think most families wouldn't need these for their seating arrangement, a lot would disagree. Place cards are a great way to ensure your creepy Uncle Fred doesn't sit next to you, or those feuding children sit at far ends of the table. See, place cards can have a purpose, ha! All three of the ideas above are simple, yet offer a great touch to your table decor.

Looking for last minute pieces to spice up your table? Some of my favorite go-to places for home decor are HomeGoods, Pier 1, TJMaxx, Crate&Barrel, Target or Marshalls. Since most of these stores are drastically marking down their prices to make room for all the Christmas decor, you're in luck! You can snag some pretty great deals and steals right now. Hey, sometimes shopping for a holiday last minute can really pay off!

Two more weeks till we feast! 

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