Get Out the VOTE! #ElectionDay

While I usually like to keep anything political or controversial away from the blogosphere, I do feel that today is important enough to make an exception. I am in no way telling you who to vote for or which party to support, but instead explain in a bipartisan way why you should vote. And if that doesn't get you pumped up to cast your vote, than maybe the photo above of some scrumptious sugar cookies will, ha.  

Voting is one of the most important rights we have as Americans. Many countries don't offer that right to their citizens, so we truly are privileged to have the opportunity to voice our opinion on who should lead this country. Many have fought, died and sacrificed their lives for you to be able to vote and I think it's a grave disservice for you to ignore that right. 

So I implore you to educate yourself on the issues, especially the key ones of this election. While you may think your vote doesn't matter or the issues don't affect you, I promise you that they do. I promise you that you may not see the effects now, but you will as you get older. When you enter a higher tax bracket, realize where your tax dollars go, when you apply for jobs, buy a house or a car, turn 26 and finally have to start paying for your health insurance. I assure you that the issues being discussed today, will affect you now and on into your future.

Don't let media bias or anyone tell you how to vote. Educate yourself, choose a candidate that best falls inline with your views, and VOTE. Vote for the person YOU want to represent YOU. It is soooooo darn important that you do. If you want to learn more about the issues, a great site called theSkimm has put together a mid-term election guide to break it all down for you. #SkimmTheVote

SOOO with all this said, PLEASE get out and vote today. You can easily search the internet to find the closest polling location to you and to find out how late they're open. Polls stay open well past 6:00 p.m., so the "I have to work" excuse doesn't float here people. I truly hope you do exercise your right and don't be afraid to show it. Share your "I just voted" stickers and pins proudly on social media!!


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