Blanket Scarves

Blanket Scarves

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Many of you texted, commented and Facebook chatted me, asking where I got my blanket scarf in last week's Insta post. Well ask, and you shall receive! While the ever popular Zara option that started the blanket scarf madness is sold out EVERYWHERE, there are many similar options out there. There's also plenty of new designs and patterns to get your blanket scarf fix (what up American Eagle). Whether you love them or hate them, blanket scarves are here to stay till spring. So you might as well get on board. They're the perfect accessory to keep you warm during the Polar Vortex this winter. Wear them around your neck, throw them over your lap, wrap your little nugget puppy up in the them... whatever you fancy. I featured a few of my fave options above!

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Anonymous said...

Another tip is to go to Amazon and search Zara scarf. There's no telling if mine's authentic but the colors are the same and it's so soft I'm basically living in it

Primp & Proper said...

That's a great tip!! Thanks for sharing and stopping by!

xoxo - Kristyn