Transition to Fall with Julep


Day-to-Day Outfit // Necklace - Top - Pants - Flats - Roc Solid
Night on the Town // Dress - Clutch - Booties - Beverly
At the Office // Jacket - Pants - Heels - Misti

If you're an avid follower of the blog or a close friend, then you probably know that I rarely leave the apartment with unpainted nails. It's like when you forget to wear your watch or arrive at work only to find that you didn't put earrings in that morning. For men it's like forgetting to wear a tie or put socks on with your dress shoes. It's that weird feeling you get, like everyone is staring at you and you swear you must be naked or something. THAT is how I feel if I leave my apartment with unpolished nails. Maybe that's a bit dramatic, but everyone has "their" thing that makes them feel incomplete without it.

When it comes to my color of choice, I usually don't stray far from the beaten path. I have my favorites for sure and I almost always stick to them. For the spring and summer it's always pinks or pastels, and for the fall and winter it's the darkest color I can find without going totally black. Even though I have my preference on color, there isn't a brand that I usually stick with.

Julep is a brand that I've used on several occasions, as I love their vast variety of colors and how smooth the polish goes on. Julep recently released a whole slew of new colors for fall, along with a great infographic that helps you transition your summer hue to that fall polish of choice. Their infographic is extremely accurate when it comes to the colors I typically look for, and how I usually transition my polish from summer to fall. It's a great reference tool that takes your brighter polish for summer and helps you find the more subdued version for fall.

Be sure to checkout all of the new Julep arrivals, as well as their entire nail polish line. I've featured a few of my favorites above, pairing them with the perfect outfit for any type of occasion. Whether you're looking for a polish color for your day-to-day errands, a night on the town or a day at the office, Julep has you covered!

You can also checkout the full Julep infographic below! Which one is your favorite?

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