Looking Ahead to the Holidays

So hear me out on this... I promise I'm not wishing away the fall months and I totally realize that yesterday was just the first day of October. I am also in no way trying to mirror department stores by skipping poor Halloween (one of my favorite holidays by the way) or Thanksgiving. I thoroughly enjoy those holidays as well, and I mean we all know my feelings towards fall. I am simply a planner when it comes to things and by no means a last minute doer. I also love to save money where I can and take full advantage of sales or snagging good reservations for the holidays. Okay so yes, I am looking ahead to the holidays but under full discretion that this is simply to plan ahead.

The holidays are a magical time of decor, spending time with loved ones, hosting fabulous affairs, attending lavish parties, donning elegant holiday attire and of course devouring delicious home cooked food. A lot of these things do not come without preparation or planning. So to save time, cost and to get ahead of all the late comers, I prefer to look ahead to the holidays a few months out. I know some of you probably feel the same way, so I put together a list of some of the things you can get a head start on now!
Order Holiday Cards // Several sites are running "preview sales" right now, like Minted. Between now and October 6th you can enjoy 20% off your holiday order + FREE recipient addressing. Other sites are also offering similar sales like Tiny Prints and Vista Print. Plus, you'll be able to spread out all the handwriting of well wishes you've got to do. Trying to personalize 100 or so Christmas cards in a few days is no easy task!

Make Your List // Start putting together your list of who you plan to give gifts to, send holiday cards or things you need to buy... now. It can take awhile to nail down addresses for people or figure out what they would want. Making your list now will expedite the process later.

Order Custom or Monogrammed Gifts // Hoping to order your mother those monogrammed pajamas she's been wanting, or frame one of your dad's favorite sports memorabilia posters? Things like this can take time... weeks, sometimes a month or more. Waiting till the last minute can leave you stressed or paying out the wazoo to get something rush ordered.

Make Reservations // Are you in charge of your office Christmas party? Throwing a Favorite Things gathering for you and your closest friends? Then make your reservations at your favorite spot now. Some restaurants even offer incentives for booking early, like complimentary welcome cocktails for guests or a percentage off the booking fee.

Send Save-the-Dates // These aren't just for weddings! When it comes to holiday parties, they are definitely not few or far between. Last year alone I received 20+ invitations to various holiday events. I couldn't attend all of them so I went based off when I received the invite. Plus, people always love something to look forward to. Let guests know an invite is coming their way!

**Extra Tip: Plan your party for the beginning of the month. Most events tend to happen the week/week and a half leading up to Christmas or New Years. By having yours the first or second week of December, you'll have a greater chance for the best possible turnout.

Book Travel Now // It can be hard to nail down your holiday travel between work and all the lavish parties, but if you already know you're going home for the holidays look into purchasing your flight now. Book hotels too... 99.9% of the time you can cancel the day before. Booking now ensures you get the best flight/hotel option possible, helps you avoid high prices as the time gets closer and ensures that you have a seat/hotel room.

Hopefully this list helps you get ahead of the game and spread all that holiday cheer the best way possible. Now back to the regularly scheduled programming of pumpkin carving, PSLs and endless Instagrams of this amazing season.

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