Capes Aren't Just for Superheroes

When you hear the word cape your first instinct is to probably associate this accessory with Batman or Superman. That's because these superheroes made capes cool before they were adapted many years later to be a form of outerwear or fashion accessory. Okay so the capes these days that are all the rage on every store rack have very little resemblance to our childhood daredevils'. The cape is a growing trend that I am 100% onboard and obsessed with. Store after store is jumping on the fashion bandwagon, so I put together a few of my favorite capes that are perfect for the cooling temps and FW (fall/winter) wardrobe. Whether you're styling the cap to be worn throughout the day or simply as an outerwear jacket, there are many types and styles. The key is choosing the right size for you. Capes already look oversized or larger than normal. I've found that sizing down just one size can get you the perfect look, without making you look bigger than you really are. Cause let's be honest... nobody has time for that!

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