#BRB Jet-Setting to Chicago

Today's the day y'all!! I'm currently on my way to the windy city for a fun girls vacay over this Columbus Day holiday weekend. I'm so excited for the three days ahead; full of sightseeing, eating good food, experiencing the Chicago night life, shopping, seeing the Navy Pier, and more. This will be my first time in Chi-Town, and the "Chicago Fire/PD" fan in me is shrilling with excitement. The only thing that could make this weekend better is a run in with Taylor Kinney (the hottest firefighter on Chicago Fire and apparently the soon to be fiance of Lady Gaga -- still don't get that).

Be sure to follow along on Instagram, as I'll be sharing most of my adventures through Insta photos. Lots of weekend recaps will be on the blog next week, but in the meantime be sure to follow along on social media for sneak peeks and other happenings of my time in the windy city!! *Photo via

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend,


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