SoulCycle Launches Breast Cancer Initiative

It's no secret that my favorite month of the entire year is almost here. To me, October is the month that finally makes it feel like fall. However, the tenth month of the year isn't just about the cool weather, pumpkin spice recipes or the fall fashion. The most important aspect of October is that it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Over the next month, you'll see hints of pink worked into just about everything. Whether that's pink ribbons worn by football players on the field, pink jerseys for sporting events, pink Starbucks cups or even pink balloons filling the ceilings of stores across the country. One such business is taking the awareness a step further, by sharing a guide they developed to educate women on the recommended steps for a self exam. 

SoulCycle, the leading indoor cycling brand, has developed a "Save Your Soul Facts" graphic, that teaches women how to self exam themselves in the shower, in the mirror or lying down at home. SoulCycle founders Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler felt the urge to reach out and educate their more than 10,000 riders who visit SoulCycle studios all across the country each day.

Between October 1st and 7th, SoulCycle will provide complimentary "How to Guides" at studios nationwide. You can visit your local studio to pick-up a guide, or find the graphics permanently displayed in all studios' showers.

For some, the topic of breast cancer may be hard to talk about. While I personally have never been affected by this horrible disease, there are millions who have or will in the future. It's a topic that needs to be discussed, and women all across the world need to be educated on how to detect signs early. I love when a business goes above and beyond their daily routine, to educate their customers on ways to stay healthy and safe. SoulCycle is just one of these companies.

Visit SoulCycle's website for more info and to sign up for your next class. You can also find the studio closest to you to pick-up your complimentary guide next week!

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