Over the Weekend, Warming Up the House

If you followed along on Instagram last week, I shared some sneak peeks into my newly decorated (and new) apartment. All of this was leading up to the big house warming my roommate and I hosted Over the Weekend. About twenty of our closest friends came over for a fun night of hanging out and warming up the new apartment (not sure what that saying means anyways). We definitely broke in the new apartment with plenty of fall flavored foods and drinks, stocking the bar cart (thanks y'all), watching football and having everyone reassure our decorating decisions (double thanks).

In case you missed the sneak peeks via Insta this past week, here they are in all their glory (and much larger versions). 

Is there anything I missed last week? Let me know if there's a room or space you'd love to see!
It might just be featured next on Instagram! Happy Monday Y'all!

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