Over the Weekend, DC's Wine Country

Over the Weekend the new apartment finally started to look like a home. My roommate Liz and I spent most of our Saturday afternoon shopping at some of our favorite stores, stocking up on all the home essentials. We are gearing up for a fun house(apartment)warming party next weekend, so we had to pickup the finishing touches. Now that things are finally starting to come together, I plan to share some peeks into our new place via my Instagram this week. So make sure you follow along for some home decor inspo and to see what made us #homegoodshappy! 

Now on to the regularly scheduled programming... an all new Over the Weekend.

One thing I love about living in Washington, D.C. is how centrally located I am to so many places. Whether you head north to Philly or South to Richmond, there are plenty of cities that are within a few hours drive. Once such city is Leesburg, Virginia. Over the Weekend, my roommate and I decided to take an impromptu day trip to " DC's wine country." I mean Liz and I do love a good glass of wine, so why not sample some of what the local wineries have to offer.

We first made a stop in historic downtown Leesburg. This quaint little town reminded me of Tennessee; with the white picket fences, town square and colorful homes. The entire downtown area, about three or four blocks, was shut down Sunday for an afternoon art fair. There were lots of mom-and-pop shops and cute little cafes to eat lunch in. After a necessary food break, Liz and I headed off to our first winery.

Breaux Vineyards is about 20 minutes from downtown Leesburg and one of the largest vineyards in Virginia. The 404 acre estate is nestled between the hills overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. The  main house, where the tasting room is located, has an Spanish feel to it and the landscape makes you feel like you're hundreds of miles away from D.C. We sampled eight different wines made right there at Breaux Vineyards. My favorite was their Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay.

The next vineyard we went to was Hillsborough, which is only about a five minute drive from Breaux. I thought it was nice that they were so close together, which made it super easy to visit more than one. Hillsborough was the smaller of the two, but was situated a little higher up on the hill. The views were a little more impressive at Hillsborough and I thought the decor resembled that of Napa Valley or a vineyard you'd see out in California. I loved the draping vines that covered the sitting areas and porches. We did a wine tasting at Hillsborough as well, and my favorites were the Rose and their dessert wine.

Both wineries made a wonderful impression on me and I already cannot wait to go back. If you're looking to take a day trip of your own, make sure you checkout the Visit Loudoun guide for everything you need to know on DC's wine country.

Disclaimer: I HIGHLY recommend you charter a bus, take an Uber or find a designated driver for this day trip. You may plan to only "taste the wine," but sometimes it's more fun and safer to let someone else do the driving for you!

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