Gladiators... Olivia Pope is back!

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Okay so it's probably very cliche that my favorite TV shows are Homeland, House of Cards and Scandal. Yes, I do live and work in Washington, D.C. No, I am not a fixer, nor do I work for the president. It's just something about being able to relate to these show's plots in some way, that makes them so exciting and enticing to watch. Of these three, my favorite is probably Scandal.

What do I love more than the edge of your seat drama these shows offer? The fashion. Olivia Pope has become a true fashion icon; donning some of the most drool worthy articles of clothing I've ever seen. While I just die over her white Burberry coat, my young professional salary unfortunately does not allow for it in the budget. Since becoming a Gladiator (fan of the show) myself, I have longed for affordable clothing options that mirror the stylish wardrobe of Olivia Popes'. Well my friends, dreams do come true. Kerry Washington (aka... The Olivia Pope), Scandal's wardrobe designer and The Limited, all came together to design an OP&A (Olivia Pope & Associates) worthy collection. You too can walk the streets of Washington, D.C., or wherever you're from, looking as stylish as the elite fixer herself. Below are some of my favorite pieces from the 40+ collection.

P.S. If the fall collection isn't enough, an entirely separate 40+ collection for winter will soon be released.

P.P.S. Scandal premiers tonight on ABC. Get your long steemed wine glasses and cream pj's ready Gladiators!!



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