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Over the last few weeks, I have talked a lot about making lifestyle changes for myself. Whether it was eating healthier, adding more green veggies to my diet, drinking more water or simply getting better quality sleep, I have really been working toward a path of living healthier. The one aspect of such a lifestyle, that I haven't talked much about, is working out. 

I lived a very active lifestyle growing up, having been a competitive swimmer for about twelve years. Swimming was my full body workout and left me being able to eat what I wanted without a care in the world. However, when I stopped swimming after high school, my lifestyle habits never changed. Over the years, I was at first able to continue my eating habits and other aspects of life, without any repercussions from not working out. I still lived a rather busy lifestyle in college, so I didn't find myself feeling sluggish or gaining any weight. That was until I entered the post grad life and started to get older. Since graduating from college, I have really come to the realization that I cannot live that way any longer. So I started implementing small changes first, eventually getting to the dreaded addition of working out. 

I've never been one for running or going to the gym. I get bored easily and start counting down the seconds till I can stop that misery. Basically, I just have never liked working out... period. For me, I need something constant, something active, and someone there yelling at me to put my big girl panties on! I've never been a gym rat or felt comfortable doing a one-on-one session with a personal trainer. So I've been hoping for an alternative to all my dislikes when it came to working out. That is when I found out about DC's nightclub workout party, 305 Fitness.

Founded by Sadie Kurzban, this brand new workout party has expanded extremely quick. Think Zumba, plus a long night of dancing at your favorite club, mixed with a high intense workout. 305 Fitness is an experience unlike anything else. It's a non-stop 55 minute workout, where about 10 minutes in I thought I was going to die. That was due to the fact I am extremely out of shape. Not shy to admit that. As the class went on though, I really started to feel like I was building more stamina and I really fed off the energy of the other class members around me. Oh and the hot guy lifting weights outside the workout room provided some extra motivation too... whatever is necessary to finish I say, haha!

Overall I REALLY enjoyed the workout. I even got to take my first class with founder Sadie! She was an awesome instructor, who even took the time to get to know everyone in her class. Once the workout was over, I felt instantly better... it could also be the fact I burned about 700 calories in such a short period of time. 305 Fitness is a full-body workout, so every muscle was being worked throughout the class. Waking up the next day, I really felt more energized and like a whole new me... after just one class!! I highly recommend 305 Fitness to anyone and everyone out there. It's the perfect workout for those who hate the gym or strongly dislike running on a treadmill. I had a blast learning the dance moves, feeling like I was a backup dancer on Beyonce's tour. It really is a FUN class and after awhile you don't feel like you're working out or following an instructor.

Checkout their website and signup for your first class today!! Whether you're a beginner or workout class guru, anyone can do 305 Fitness. There's no beginner or pro level... it's all the same! The more classes you take, the better stamina you build and the easier the steps will be. No class is ever the same, but you will begin to recognize some of the moves. As for me, I plan to keep going and bring some more friends with me! Who wants to go next week?! Let's #makesweatsexy!

**This post is sponsored by 305 Fitness. 
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