Bluemercury turns 15!

When it comes to beauty products, I honestly do not have an extremely lengthy routine. I use very few products and tend to have the "what ain't broke, don't fix" approach to adding new items into my beauty regimen. A few weeks ago I received a few skin care samples (thanks Brooke!) to try from a local beauty store, Bluemercury. I decided to try out the items she sent and fell in love with Bluemercury's own skin care line, m-61. Since I just loved the new products, I couldn't wait to get over to their flagship store right here in Washington, D.C. to help celebrate Bluemercury's 15th Anniversary this past Saturday.

I spent the morning trying new products, getting a mini-makeover, meeting the Bluemercury team and developing a new love for a lighter blush and brighter lipgloss. My stylist Angela showed me some makeup samples that worked better for my skin tone and made my eyes pop. I couldn't believe the difference a softer blush and brighter lip made in my facial appearance.

After my fun and pretty much life altering makeover, I headed outside with my friend Meaghan for the dedication ceremony for Bluemercury. Marla Malcolm Beck and her husband Barry Beck started Bluemercury 15 years ago right here in Georgetown. Fifteen years later, Bluemercury has grown to more than 55 stores across the country and 600+ employees. I just love a good family grown business story, and even more that the nation's largest and fastest growing luxury beauty retailer and spa started right here in Washington, D.C. 

Bluemercury sells everything from their own skin care line, to the well-known NARS brand. They also have a pretty large selection of candles and incense to choose from as well.

I just had a fab time Saturday morning, and loved the goodie bag, Georgetown cupcakes and mimosa bar! I'm so glad I opened the door to trying new products and learning better steps for my beauty routine. Sometimes the "what ain't broke, don't fix" approach isn't the best way to go about taking care of yourself. There's always new brands to try, that can be even better for you and your skin. So be sure to checkout your local Bluemercury store for all your skin care needs!

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