Staying Active Throughout the Day

Today is the fourth post in the Week of Healthy series with Megan of Simple.Savvy.Self! Hopefully y'all have enjoyed this week's guest posts and are working to implement Megan's #simplesavvy tips to living a healthier lifestyle. 

Today's post is all about something I have struggled with on the reg... staying active throughout the work day. We all go from being extremely active in college mostly chasing after the bus or running to class so you aren't late to sitting at a desk from 9 - 5, five days a week. That much sitting can lead to weight gain, decreased energy and overall worsening health problems. For today's guest post, Megan helps us tackle one of the biggest problems in a young professional's daily routine and works in some tips for getting in some exercise during your day (even if it's just a few minutes here or there).

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Remember this movie? 
Move it or lose it. No treadmills required.

Unfortunately, for most of us, we operate under this notion that if we didn't make it to that cycle class, the yoga studio, crossfit or zumba, we didn't work out and therefore we are lazy, unhealthy and destined to a life of frump and gloom. Now, first and foremost, if you enjoy any of the activities I just mentioned, continue to rock it out! However, if you don't, don't sweat it (save that for an activity you truly enjoy). I personally love yoga and getting to the studio several times a week is a must for me because I know how much better I'll feel after the class. Most people struggle with keeping up with their exercise routine for one of two reasons: 1. they don't enjoy what they're doing 2. they're focused on the external rewards, i.e. losing weight or getting ripped as opposed to how the activity makes them feel and what it adds to their life, i.e. more energy, a better attitude, self-confidence, stress relief, etc. Plus, a lot more counts as exercise throughout your day than I bet you're giving yourself credit for!

GAME CHANGER: Daily movement is key, any way you can get it.
I wasn't always so clear about what I really enjoyed. It took many years of trial and error, and lots of failed attempts at "being a runner," until I finally got to a place where I look forward to exercising. With this clarity, I also applied a more non-traditional approach to working out in my life. For instance, although I'm not a big fan of running, I love to walk! Morning walks, walks to clear my head, walking to run errands, walking to dinner. You name it, I'll walk it. So while I can't always fit in a yoga class or 30 minutes on the elliptical, if we need some groceries I'll walk to pick them up. I get in a little cardio on the way there and a little strength training, carrying my bags, on the way back. At work, I'll rarely use the elevators and I'll take the long way to meetings when I have time. Working at home, I'll break up the day with 10 minute cardio videos or jumping jacks to get the blood flowing. These attempts at incorporating short bursts of activity throughout my day, really add up and leave me feeling much more energized and focused. Find what works for you! Every little bit counts. 

Challenge for Tomorrow: Instead of fast-forwarding through the commercials of your favorite DVR'd show this week, use that time to add in some activity - hold plank, do sit-ups, dance, lift weights - whatever gets you up and moving. For an hour show, make sure you get in at least TWO commercial breaks of activity. 

Leave a comment to share with us some #simplesavvy ways you're getting active this week!


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Kathleen {Life With Red} said...

I have totally implemented WALKING everywhere! I take the "long way" to my mailbox at work, use the ladies room that downstairs instead of on my floor for extra steps, and try to walk 2 miles a day! My fitbit helps!

Primp & Proper said...

That's awesome Kathleen!! Glad to hear you're doing the things mentioned above already! I am definitely trying to work on taking the "long way around" to things.