Over the Weekend, Sayonara Twenty-Three

Well my friends, the final countdown to twenty-four has begun. While the age of twenty-three doesn't have much of a significance (I can already enjoy special beverages and am still too young to rent a car), the past year has been chalk full of amazing moments, new ventures and countless new memories. Over the Weekend I reflected on the past year and all that twenty-three had to offer. As I look toward a brand new year ahead, I decided to recount some of the amazing moments of being 23. Below are a few highlights and photos from the past year.

Also, all this week I'll be celebrating the last few days I have left as a twenty-three year old. There will be lots of fun posts, a brand new outfit of the day, plus a GIVEAWAY!!! So celebrate with me all this week as I say sayonara to twenty-three!!

- Helped dedicate the new Alpha Delta of Sigma Kappa home -

- Witnessed the VOLS almost knock off the Dawgs... was in Neyland Stadium when the house finally felt like we were back to the glory Tennessee days! Man, there's nothing like 100K people, screaming their brains off and the stadium shaking! No place I'd rather be!!! -

- Visited America's largest home, The Biltmore Estate -

- Finally went to New York City to see the Christmas decorations -

- Started my blog First Impressions -

- Became a member of Southern Blog Society and met some new best friends -

- Met my blog idol, THE Courtney Kerr -

- Made it through Lent for the FIRST time, giving up Diet Coke for 40 days -

- My best college buddy moved to Washington, D.C. -

- Won my FIRST giveaway... $150 to J.Crew -

- Freaked out over my FIRST soccer match... USA should have won, just saying -

- Became a leg model... for a day -

- Went shark fishing!!! -

- Signed a new lease with a new roommate (moving in 9 days!!) -

- Celebrated two promotions at work -

Twenty-three truly has treated me well! I know that the next year is going to be even better; chalked full of amazing new memories and fun times!

Don't forget to stay tuned all week and celebrate with me as I turn another year older!! You'll DEFINITELY not want to miss tomorrow's post! An all NEW giveaway is coming your way.


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