Over the Weekend, Celebrate Good Times!

Over the Weekend I celebrated another milestone… turning a year older. It's crazy to think that another year has gone by and I am one year away from being a quarter of a century old (trying not to think about it). There's so much I hope to accomplish this next year and I truly cannot wait to see what 24 brings. 

The weekend was full of surprises, celebrations, yelling "it's my birthday!" and spending time with good friends. The Lord truly blessed me with some AMAZING friendships and I cannot think Him enough for putting each and every one of them in my life. Friday morning I woke up to an apartment full of balloons, Happy Birthday signs, confetti everywhere and several of my favorite things waiting for me on the counter (Don't judge the Dales Sauce… if you've never tried it on a steak or chicken, you're missing out).

After reading all of my birthday cards, I headed out to Starbucks for my complimentary birthday coffee. When I arrived to work, there were beautiful flowers waiting on my desk from my boss (how sweet is she?!). Throughout the day I received countless birthday wishes, texts, calls and social media shoutouts. The biggest highlight of the day at work was receiving surprise cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake from my totally awesome mother!!! I thought the day couldn't get any better, but then several of my coworkers brought me candy and a card that had been signed by all my Hill friends! It was so sweet and I loved reading everyone's messages (especially the person that wished me a "Merry Christmas" haha?).

I headed home early, from an already amazing day at work to take the afternoon off and rest up for my big night out. My roommate Ashton and I plan surprise birthday events for each other every year. So it's not totally a surprise because we both know something is coming, we just don't know what. Ashton told me to be ready at 6:30 p.m., so I put on my "birthday outfit of the day" and we headed out for the Uber.

First surprise stop was drinks with Ashton, Liz and myself at The Gibson speakeasy. It was such a cool atmosphere and fun way to start off the night! After a yummy peach and sangria-esk Champers, we walked to the next surprise… dinner at Policy on U Street. I've been dying to try this restaurant out, and it was the perfect time too… it was restaurant week! We shared some delicious tapas, drinks and birthday dessert, and then headed out for the next stop of the night. I was told that we were picking up Ashton's boyfriend before going to our final stop. The cabby pulled up to The Brixton on U Street, we got out and went inside to meet up with him. When I walked in and opened the door to the rooftop, ALL of my friends were waiting and yelled "SURPRISE!!!" I was seriously BLOWN away and so SHOCKED!!!!! I had no idea what we were walking into and I couldn't believe that Ashton pulled off yet another big surprise this year!!!

I spent the rest of the evening hanging out with my friends, feeling like I was turning 21 with my birthday crown and feeling so blessed/loved by many!! Twenty-four is already off to a great year and I cannot WAIT to see what's in store. 


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