Powering Down Before Lights Off

Today is the final part of this week's series, A Week of Healthy, with health coach Megan of Simple.Savvy.Self. Hopefully y'all have really enjoyed Megan's posts and are continuing to implement her #simplesavvy tips. Don't forget to email Megan for your chance to receive a FREE health consultation. The first TEN First Impressions readers will be selected for an over the phone consult. 

Today Megan talks about the importance of sleep... yes, the magical thing that we all can't seem to get enough of. There just so happens to be a magic number when it comes to how many hours of sleep you should get each night. Megan explains...

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Sleep is a non-negotiable, not a luxury.  

We have become a society that praises busyness, multi-tasking, and doing it all and as a result we’ve become overstimulated and sleep deprived.   We don’t get enough sleep and we wear it like a badge of honor: “I worked 14 hours yesterday, only slept 5 hours and now I’m back here at 7 a.m.”  Dedicated?  Sure.  Delusional?  Sadly, yes.   Not getting enough restful sleep basically cancels out anything good you do for your body.  So if you’re trying your best to eat healthy and exercise but you consistently skimp on sleep, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. Lack of sleep can mess with your metabolism and contribute to anxiety and depression.  
GAME CHANGER:  No amount of kale will make up for that all-nighter.
Get ready for bed BEFORE you get ready for bed.  I’ve realized, over the last several years, that the worst thing I can do close to bedtime is work intensely on a project, follow-up on emails, or start tackling something on my to-do list if I want to get a good night’s rest.  I need to calm and quiet my mind before bed and this involves “powering down” at least 30 minutes before I go to sleep.  For instance, if you like to go to bed at 11 p.m., I don’t advocate watching BRAVO until 10:59 p.m. then brushing your teeth, hopping into bed, and scrolling through your Instagram feed for last minute updates.  At 10:30, turn off the TV, put the phone away, power down the computer and engage in a calming activity, such as journaling or reading.  When you enter your bedroom, it’s best to leave the rest of the world behind.  I promise, your emails and do-to lists will still be waiting for you in the morning. Plus, with a good night’s rest on your side, you’ll be better equipped to handle what the day throws at you.  

Challenge for Tomorrow: An hour before bed, switch your phone into airplane mode.  Make the commitment to disconnect (I promise, your brain will thank you) and then remove all temptations. With just one swipe, you can truly tune out all the tweets,’ likes’, snapchats and last minute emails that trickle in late at night, tempting you to say, “Just this one last thing before bed.”  Don’t worry, your alarm will still work in the morning ;) So no excuses.  

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