Game Day Fun, Even As An Alum

Football Saturdays spent in the student section are a privilege in the South. Growing up I couldn't wait to cheer on the VOLS from the second row of the student section, screaming along to Rocky Top as the team ran through the Power T. I went to almost every single home football game the four years I was a student, and only missed two games due to a wedding (like who does that) and traveling for Thanksgiving. I was always on time and never missed kickoff.
Saturdays in the student section were the best.

My last game as a student, it was Tennessee vs. Vandy. I remember sitting in the student section with my friends Liz and Dan, not wanting to leave. We stayed till the bitter end, Sang the Tennessee Waltz with the cheer squads (a Tennessee tradition) and sat in the stands till we were kicked out. I shed lots of tears and thought... life is officially over. Game days would no longer be the same, cheering from miles away in Washington, D.C. While I try to make it back for as many games as I can, I had to come to the realization that living eight hours away meant I would miss a lot more games than I ever had.

Let's just say, as an alum you can still have tailgate and game day fun. Since moving to D.C., I quickly learned that alumni groups are very prevalent. Almost every school has an alumni association that organizes events and game watch parties. The one thing I love about D.C. is that almost every school (at least in the SEC... which is all that matters anyway, ha!) has a host bar or restaurant. You will always find the games rolling at these places and game day food/drink specials.

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If alumni watch parties and tailgates aren't your thing, host your own gathering. Now that Comcast offers the SEC Network, it's very easy to pop on the game, invite some friends over and make some game day munchies. 

For the dedicated alums, who travel back for every home game and to as many away games as possible, tailgating is still alive and well. You can skip the frat tailgates and house parties, and pop the trunk, bring the generator for the TV and bake as many apps and finger foods as your kitchen allows. Grab some game day decor, more on that tomorrow!!, and wear your team colors! There are even prizes in store for the best tailgates... like tickets to the SEC Championship (who doesn't want that?!).

As I have learned, just because you're an alum doesn't mean you can't have some game day fun! The opportunities to cheer on your team are endless. Once you get past the realization of leaving the student section for forever, you'll be good. I mean who really wants to sweat their tail off in the hot sun, or blow out their eardrums standing next to the band anyways?!

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