Rent the Runway Unlimited

Okay friends, I'm going to share a little secret with y'all. Well, I suppose it's no longer a secret, but rather a hidden gem that was just discovered. I've featured my love for Rent the Runway on the blog before (wore a RTR dress to my spring charity gala), but now I must share with y'all their new program they just released called Rent the Runway Unlimited.

Imagine a Netflix type program for women, where you can rent designer handbags and accessories for a monthly fee. A service that offers you the opportunity to rent THREE, yes three items at a time, but you can exchange them for something new from your queue at anytime. This is every girls dream, and thanks to Rent the Runway, our dream is now a reality. For a monthly fee, you can stack your favorite items in a queue, which can be updated as often as you want and chosen from their stock of more than 100 designers. The inventory is updated every two weeks and tailored to the season.

Once you sign up for the program, you can begin building your queue for when your membership is approved. After you are approved, your first shipment of items will be on its way. Three items from your queue will be selected, based on availability, and shipped for free straight to your home. Typically you'll receive a handbag, piece of jewelry and another accessory (whether that be another piece of jewelry or a coat during the winter). The items selected for you will be based on season and what they have available. 

Once you receive your items, you can keep them for as long as you want. There's no time limit, so long as you continue your membership. So that Gigi purse you've been eyeing for fall… you can keep it the entire season! Does your taste change constantly when it comes to accessories? No sweat! Exchange the items in the prepaid shipping bags that come with every shipment. Have you been dying to test out the new Kendra Scott earrings before purchasing them? You can! The options for RTRU are endless.

In my first shipment, I got the Black Hayden Satchel by Gigi New York, Kendra Scott White Deily Earrings and Mint Bauble Necklace by Slate & Willow. I've been eyeing these KS earrings for months, but have been wanting to try them out before taking the plunge. Now I can! The best part is, if I find an item that I just so desperately don't want to part with, I can email RTR for a purchase price quote. 

The pros about this service are absolutely endless. I can't think of a single negative when it comes to RTRU. Oh, and for or all my blogger friends, this service is every fashion bloggers dream!! Rent items for your upcoming outfits of the day posts, and exchange for new ones each week!! This service is absolutely perfect and I just know it's going to make a great impression on you. 

Be sure to sign up for your own RTRU service today! Questions? Comment below and I'll try to answer them or direct you to the appropriate link.



Alicia said...

I have to try this! I have such a champagne taste in handbags but a beer budget, so this is perfect! Thank you for sharing!

Primp & Proper said...

Of course!!! I know you'll just LOVE it!!