Over the Weekend, Freedom and Fireworks

For the past week or so you may have noticed fewer posts and less frequent social media coming from me. That is because I spent the past two weekends and all of last week in one of my favorite places, Hilton Head Island. I attempted to do what someone is actually supposed to do on a vacation, unplug from the world and relax. While I still posted here and there, I was actually able to enjoy the few days away from DC and spend time relaxing with family. If you know me at all, you know that is not very easy for me to do (relax, that is!).

After a fun week of hanging out on the beach, spending time with family, shark fishing (more on that later this week) and eating a ton of seafood, I came back to Washington, D.C. refreshed and ready to tackle the work week. Now, here are some more photos from my trip...

Happy Monday y'all and hope you have a great start to your week!!


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