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So I definitely missed My Favorite Things for the month of July; blame it on the first day of the month falling during my vacay to Hilton Head Island. To make it up to all you lovelies, I decided to share some of my favorite beauty products out right now. Quite often, whether it's through a comment or in-person, many of you have asked how I style my hair. While I definitely throw my hands up to God for blessing me with or maybe it's a curse because of the thickness and how heavy it is the best hair a gal could ask for, it definitely doesn't come without the help of some amazing products. I fully intend on sharing my hair care and curling routine soon, but for now I have mixed some of my favorite hair products with a few others I'm loving right now. 

Y'all, I cannot get over the smell of this Drybar shampoo! When I went in for my first Drybar experience, my hair smelled like this stuff for days. Even through two washes, the yummy goodness that was coming from my hair was incredible. So I of course had to add a bottle of their shampoo to my shower routine. Y'all, I just LOVE the smell of this stuff and my hair feels so much fresher and cleaner since I started using this stuff. Post shower I toss my damp hair with their volumizing mousse, and it definitely helps make for a better curl.

I've raved about this gem before, but it was prior to the summer humidity. I will admit, I never thought a hairspray could hold my hair through any sort of humidity or heat. Over the years I have literally tried every product on the shelves. Finallllyyy, Aussie came to the rescue with their extreme hold hairspray. My hair has stayed curled and fabulous all summer long. There's no frizz and by the time I get to work, the curls are still perfectly intact.

While I love a good perfume, I hate wasting expensive scents during the summer. Sweat always rubs it off almost instantly, so in the summers I reapply my smelly good stuff several times. I found a great alternative for the summer, body mist spray. While some of you may think, "how middle school of you Kristyn," Dove makes a great option that comes in several scents. For literally $7 at your local drug store, you can apply as much as you want (well, just be considerate of those around you and if the scent is strong).

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo
Literally the best thing if you're in a time crunch and need a quick fix. Simply spray the dry shampoo all over your scalp and then use a hair dryer to dry your damp hair. Brush out and either curl or straighten. For best results, apply dry shampoo at night before you go to bed. Will save even more time in the morning when you wake up.

Two of my favorite colors for summer have been Marshmallow and Fiesta. While I normally am not adventurous when it comes to using different colors on my toes and hands, these two colors work well for that. I wear the Marshmallow on my fingers and Fiesta on my toes. White is definitely a fun alternative from the normal coral or hot pink for summer. 

Y'all, yet another product I've featured before. I can't get enough of the REAL natural glow that I get from this stuff. I apply it every other day to help maintain the tan I get on the weekends. You can put it on after a shower or at night prior to getting in bed.

I hope these products will make as wonderful of an impression on you, as they have for me. I don't know where I would be this summer without these daily care essentials!

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