Intern 101: Week to Weekend Versatility with ModCloth

A Day At the Office

Today I'm continuing the Intern 101 series, and I'm talking all things "work appropriate." Making the transition from class wear to office attire can be difficult for some. Odds are, especially first time interns, you've never even owned a piece of business clothing. While some interns tend to consult their office's intern coordinator, former interns or even parents, others tend to head off to the business world less than prepared clothing wise. 

I've seen everything from skirts that are wayyyyy too short, men's pants that definitely don't come close to touching their shoes, tops that are low cut, some even wearing flip flops (yes the very kind found at Old Navy, like the $5 pair). While I'm in no way hating, it's more than likely these offenders just were not prepared or taught how to dress for the office. 

I've talked a lot about some of my favorite work attire stores and boutiques... like this store, this one and of course my favorite. However, for a summer intern who will more than likely be in the office only a few short weeks, some of these stores can be out of the price range for a summer wardrobe. I've had numerous interns and friends who were preparing for internships, ask me where they can find work appropriate clothing. While some boutique stores and online shops cater to the college attire or weekend wear, some do offer items that are versatile... great for work but can also be used when you head back to college. 

One such online shop is ModCloth. While some of their clothing options are not necessarily my taste, I believe ModCloth does a good job of offering a wide variety of clothing for every kind of style. 

Above you can see some items that I picked to turn their Vivacious and Vibrant Dress into a work appropriate option. The white blazer is one of my absolute favorite pieces and would love to add to my own wardrobe. The more conservative blazer covers what some could consider a low neckline for the office. Pairing it with the perfect black heel and watch, makes this a great outfit for a day at the office.

You can also pair this dress with other pieces found on ModCloth's website, to make the perfect weekend brunch outfit. By purchasing versatile pieces, like those from ModCloth, you can reassure that your summer internship wardrobe can be taken back with you once your time in the office is over. Pair this dress with a buttoned up blue jean jacket, roll up the sleeves, and the dress turns into the perfect midi-skirt!! Add a few accessories, and you have the perfect outfit for a weekend brunch!

Weekend Wear
ModCloth offers some really nice items for a variety of tastes, all at affordable prices. Be sure to checkout some of their other versatile dresses and other work appropriate attire. 

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The dress was chosen by a ModCloth representative.

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