Favorite Summer Hats

Favorite Summer Hats

As I lounged by the pool this past weekend, I neglected to take care of the one area of my body that cannot be sprayed down with sunscreen... my scalp. Thinking nothing of the harsh rays baring down on my head, I stayed outside most of the weekend. Sure enough, I paid for it Monday morning when I probably alarmed the entire apartment building from my loud shrill of a scream. Note to self, don't briskly comb your hair after two days in the sun. My scalp was scorched, and was in so much pain most of the day Monday.

We tend to forget that our scalp is exposed to the sun, even though we think our hair is providing the necessary coverage. Unfortunately, our scalp is just as vulnerable to the harsh rays as the rest of our body. Scalp sunscreen sprays can leave your hair greasy and sticky, so a nice summer hat is a better option! Above, you'll find some of my favorite hats for summer. Whether you're going on an evening jog, laying by the pool, working in the garden, or simply enjoying a nice walk around town, you'll find the perfect hat for every occasion. 

No matter which hat you choose, just know that you'll be protected and of course, looking very fashionable!

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