Behind the Brand: Brittney from Hosting and Toasting

When I first started my blog, I reached out to a few people for advice about joining the blogging world. One of the most helpful people I spoke to was Brittney (also known as BAC) from Hosting and Toasting. She gave me some wonderful advice and real insight into what it takes to be the founder and creator of your own site. We communicated mostly via email, but I have since then met her a few times in person. Brittney is as sweet in person as she was throughout our email correspondence. I just knew I had to include her as one of my Behind the Brand features, cause y'all really need to get to know this girl and her blog, Hosting and Toasting.

Last month I started Behind the Brand, because there is so much more to a brand other than the site you see or the posts you read. The person quite literally behind the brand pours hours (mostly unpaid) of time into what they do, so it's only fitting that y'all get to know the person who makes it all happen. For June, I interviewed Brittney Ann Cardillo, the founder and creator of her own business and blog, Hosting and Toasting. Scroll down to learn more about Brittney and Hosting and Toasting….

Kristyn: Let's get to know a little more about you... Where did you grow up?
BAC: I was born and raised in the sunshine state... Tampa, Florida!

Kristyn: That sounds wonderful! I'm not sure why you'd ever want to leave, ha! So how long have you been here in Washington, D.C.?
BAC: A lifetime. Kidding! I've lived here permanently almost 6 years, however, I spent two summers interning in DC during college so it feels much longer than that! Like most people, I thought I would stay "a year or two" and here I am still 6 years later…

Kristyn: I feel like everyone says that! I know you said that you graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Communication and Political Science. Other than blogging of course, what is your full time job?
BAC: I'm a full time event planner during the day! I also host events on the side for Hosting and Toasting. People can hire me to plan their event here!

Kristyn: That is great!! I've seen some of the events on your blog that you've hosted… like a meet-and-greet with the College Prepster, and most recently a trunk party for Sweet & Spark!. If you could plan a party for anyone, no matter who it is, who would you plan the party for?
BAC: Oh, this is a tough one! So many ideas running through my head. I think I would love hosting Pippa and Kate Middleton, BUT if we're talking a hosting AND toasting party, I think that Hoda Kotb would be an absolute blast to host at a girls brunch with bottomless mimosas and french toast!! She was in my sorority's chapter, so her composite was right outside my room's door. She spoke at graduation and I've always admired her and tune into the fourth hour of the Today Show whenever I can!!

Kristyn: That sounds like a party I want to attend! Obviously you love hosting and toasting, so what made you decide to start your blog and business?
BAC: I was originally inspired by my aunt to start H&T. She received her guardian angel wings in 2012 and my blog is dedicated to her. Growing up, she always threw fabulous soirees and was super "over the top." (Read more more about the dedication here.) I was also the brand director for an online magazine and worked with brands and bloggers before H&T launched. I've been entertaining friends and giving advice on hosting and event planning topics for years. I was always asked "Why don't you blog about this?" It seemed like a natural fit that I would start my own blog eventually!

Kristyn: Well I for one am so glad you started H&T, and I know many others are too! Blogging is a very rewarding experience, so what has been your most exciting moment as the blogger behind H&T?
BAC: The most exciting part of H&T has been getting to know other bloggers from all over the country, working with brands I've always admired and hearing from readers who are inspired to do their own hosting (and toasting too, I hope!). 

Kristyn: I would agree! We all know that you host some fabulous parties and toast at some amazing events, but a girl has got to have some "me" time away from it all. What do you like to do in your spare time?
BAC: I love traveling! There are still so many cities and places around the world I haven't been, so I'm always up for a trip anytime I can fit it in. I also enjoy taking barre classes (hello, Barre Tech!), running errands around my Georgetown neighborhood and posting up poolside for some sunshine during the summer months.

Kristyn: Who doesn't love to travel?! Speaking of, the Fourth of July holiday is coming up and hopefully you'll be spending it on vacation?
BAC: YES! I'll be traveling to New York to visit with some friends. No hosting this year, just toasting!

Kristyn: That's great!! So naturally I must ask, what are some of your best tips for hosting a Fourth of July gathering?
BAC: You definitely need a signature drink, some festive attire, pom pom cocktail stirrers, sparklers and of course, burgers (hold the bun for me! #glutenfree) on the grill! I also love to work with unique items and mix and match things I find for all of my parties. For swag and other fun printed items, I adore working with Nico and Lala! They just did my sister's engagement party invitations too!

Thanks Brittney for being First Impressions' June Behind the Brand! Y'all can learn even more about Brittney, catch up on some of the recent events she's hosted and hire her to host your next gathering! Visit http://hostingandtoasting.com for more info!

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