A Night Out with Hanes

Now that it's finally summer, we can put the harsh, drab winter days behind us. The first few months of the new year brought lots of snow, freezing rain and some of the coldest temps we've seen in years. Those weather conditions left us bundling up in as many layers as possible, making it hard for even the slightest uncovered skin to get some Vitamin D. 

So now that the temps are warming, we have shed the drab winter wear for summer shorts and bikinis. While it's still a little early in the summer to already have a rockin' tan, some of us may wish to keep our winter white limbs covered up. That's why I for one have resorted to the maxi dresses and jeans, in lieu of short dresses and skirts. This has been my sentiment for the past month or so, till I found Hanes Silk Reflections Ultra Sheer Tights.

You're probably thinking… "now hold on just a minute Kristyn, tights in the summer?" Yes, I said tights! Hanes Hosiery is a definite winter staple, but now, is a summer necessity as well. Think of it like this… you have a long day at the office, looking forward to a date night with your man later on. You will have a short window of time after work to head home, change and get ready for the night ahead. You want to wear that brand new dress that's been hanging in your closet, but you are soooo not ready to show off your winter white legs. No worries, because Hanes has got you covered!

Sunless tanners, lotions and sprays can take hours or even days to show a summer like glow, but Hanes Silk Reflections Ultra Sheer Tights can give you the appearance of a tan in a matter of seconds. Now again, you may be wondering why I have chosen a "tight" for a summer must have. This particular tight is extremely thin, but durable. The thin like material leaves you feeling like you're wearing nothing at all. 

I wore them to a dinner recently and never once got hot. It was so easy to throw these tights on after work, not to mention I loved all of the compliments I got on my "tan." The girls didn't even know I was wearing tights!

The Hanes Silk Reflections Ultra Sheer Tights come in five shades and several sizes. I even love the control top feature; helps me feel confident all night long!

Take a look at some more photos from my girls night out, and scroll down to the bottom to enter to win your own pair of Hanes Silk Reflections Ultra Sheer Tights!! You can't even tell I'm wearing tights… the tan looks great, doesn't it?!

Photos by Amanda from 2 Girls in 2 Cities

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**This post is sponsored by Hanes Hosiery. Products featured were gifted for this post.


Unknown said...

Um, LOVE how you styled your tights! You can't even tell they're on! So crazy :)


Primp & Proper said...

Thanks so much :)

D.J. said...

If your legs are dressed in tights you sure could have fooled me. I cannot tell at all that you're wearing. Regardless, you look great. How did you do it? I hope you will continue wearing Hanes Silk Reflections and model them at your blogs. More beautiful young women need to don sheer tights. I respect you because you, a young twenty-something woman, opted to wear hosiery. Most women your age would dare touch that article of clothing.

D.J. said...

Most women your age would *not even* dare touch that article of clothing.

Primp & Proper said...

Thanks so much D.J.!!