Over the Weekend, Then and Now

Over the Weekend I celebrated several milestones. Two years ago this past weekend, I walked across the stage at graduation and then headed home to quickly pack up the U-haul. The very next morning I hopped in the car, with U-haul in tow, and my family and I drove the nine hours to Washington, D.C. In less than 24 hours I closed one door and opened a brand new one.

Now, two years later, I reflect on all the differences between my four years of college and the past two years of living in the Real World. There were so many things I took for granted in college, and one of them was how easy I had it getting dressed each and every day. I could wake up 30 minutes before class, throw on norts (Nike shorts) and a T, grab my Vera Bradley backpack and head to class. Now my daily routine consists of waking up almost 2 hours before work. I went from throwing on a comfy outfit with hardly any makeup (or really any care for what I looked like), to having to look extremely put together in my business attire. 

Graduating from college brought many changes, but the most notable was my morning routine. 
Here is my take on What I Wore Then and What I Wear Now.

What I Wore in College 
A.K.A. What You Can't Wear to Work in the Real World 

What I Wear Now
A.K.A. Nothing That Was In My Wardrobe Two Years Ago

What sort of differences have you noticed between college and the Real World?
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