Lattes and Big Hair, Bloggers do Drybar

As you saw in Monday's sneak peek, blogger friend Breck and I went to Drybar for the first time Sunday. We had both heard so many great things about this blowout salon, but hadn't had the chance to visit till now.

We started our "Sunday Funday" at the Drybar in Georgetown. We arrived and checked in, sipping our Starbucks lattes while we waited for our stylists. I was greeted by stylist Jonathan, who arrived with a peach flavored water for me. (He was already off to a great start) I love anything peach flavored. Jonathan took me back for my wash, head massage (ummmm, hello! I was in Heaven for 10 minutes), and comb out. Unfortunately Jonathan had no idea what he was getting himself into, as I have the thickest and longest hair he's probably ever seen. It took the poor man an hour to comb and blow dry my hair (don't worry, I left him a nice tip).

After the blowout, Jonathan turned my chair to the side so I would be surprised for the end result. He curled, he teased, he did what he pleased! I chose the "Cosmo-Tai" style, which is one of nine hair styles you can choose from on the menu. It was a mixture of lose curls and big hair, very southern of me.

When Jonathan turned the chair around to the mirror, I screamed with joy! I think that was the best my hair had ever looked. It was the perfect style for my hair type. So many big curls, waves and a slight tease. I wish I could have Jonathan come over every day to do my hair. 

Drybar is definitely a new fave place of mine and really worth the price (especially for me). It is a $40 flat rate, no matter the length or thickness of hair, or style you choose. For me, someone with extremely thick and long hair, it's a steal. Now I wouldn't pay that much every single day to have someone dry and style my hair, but it's a wonderful price if you have a special event or occasion coming up. It definitely takes the mess and stress out of having to do your own hair.

Drybar also sells the products they use in the salon. So if you like the smell of the shampoo, or the hold of the Texas Tea Hairspray, then you can purchase the products to use on your own at home. They also offer monthly memberships, assist in planning an event or girls night out. The opportunities for a visit to Drybar are endless.

I for one plan to go back as many times as I can... so Jonathan, get ready for another arm workout!

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Dana said...

You need to get the dry shampoo, it's perfect. I love spending time at the Drybar, it's an unhealthy obsession!

Pink Champagne Problems

Primp & Proper said...

I definitely will Dana!! I live off of dry shampoo, ha!! I am right there with you, may just be my new guilty pleasure!!!



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