Bachelorette Premiere Recap

A season premiere of the Bachelor or Bachelorette is always a highly anticipated event by fans of the show. I mean we all saw how nuts viewers went over Juan "it's okay" Pablo. The Bach franchise even dedicated an entire month to the guy, Juan-uary! Although Juan Pablo turned out to be a jerk, I still watched every moment of the most dramatic season ever. While there are many who are skeptical about the show, there is nothing like a Monday night, watching a new hopeful date their way to finding true love.

My roommates and I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new season. When one season ends, we start counting down the weeks till the next one begins. After watching last season, we all became Andi Dorfman's biggest fans when she called out Juan Pablo for his too many "it's okays." So naturally we were very excited to see Andi walk out as the next Bachelorette during last season's final rose ceremony.

If for some reason you had something better to do last night then watch the premiere (not sure how, but to each their own), then STOP reading. I even bolded in red, so this should be your hint!

Last night's premiere was exactly what we all hoped it would be. There was a brand new batch of gorgeous bachelors, all vying to accept the final rose. Some men went with the normal introductory approach, while others made sure their first impression was one not to be forgotten.

If you're wondering where all the gingham and hair product in LA went, it was definitely out in full force at the bachelor mansion last night. Every other man had either a gingham button down on, or looked like they hadn't cut their hair in years. Through it all, there are some definite contenders and I think it's going to be an exciting season.

In true First Impressions fashion, I had to give out a few Bachelorette superlatives from last night's premiere. See if your picks are in line with mine!

The Best First Impressions:

The First Impression rose went to Nick V.. I loved this pick until I saw the previews for the rest of the season. While Nick definitely made a wonderful first impression, I have a sneaky feeling he'll make much more than that as the season goes on. He kind of reminds me of Ben from Desiree's season. I only hope he's nothing like him!

I personally thought she would choose Tasos, cause who doesn't love a French speaking romantic?! 

My Best First Impression would go to Josh M. I mean his looks alone get him the award. However, the fact he is kin to ex-Georgia, now Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Aaron Murray, doesn't hurt either. 

Runner up would be Marquel. I mean who doesn't love cookies and wine tasting on a first date?! 

I also have to give a special shout out to the fellow Tennessean, Ron, for making it to next week!

Finally and most certainly not least… 
Eric Hill. How can I not include him as one of the best First Impressions?! I loved how they started the season off, paying tribute to this bachelor. The few seconds he had to introduce himself to Andi was just precious. Eric seemed like he was an all-around wonderful man, and it's such a tragedy his life was cut so short. 

My Worst First Impressions:
We shall name him "lamp," cause I don't really remember his name anyways. I mean really dude?! First you steal the lamp from your hotel room, but then you try to pass it off as a gift? Pretty sure that is not what your mother meant by "always having a gift for a lady."

Beefed up Cody can push the limo all the way back to where he came from, making sure he takes that bleached faux-hawk with him!

I am sooo not a fan of rando ex-contestants, coming back and trying to join the show. I mean Chris, come on dude… you already had your chance once, let these other bachelors have a shot at competing to end up on the Bachelor Pad... I mean win Andi's love.

Way to exit with grace there Josh B… worried you embarrassed yourself? I would say that exit speech definitely did just that.

Throughout all the introductions, drama, weird attempts at winning Andi over (looking at you Phantom of the Opera man), it is sure to be an exciting season nonetheless. 
In the words of Chris Harrison, "it is sure to be the most dramatic season yet!"

Also, for those wondering, I got all but one right on my bach-bracket. 
How did y'all do? Who do you think Andi will choose?

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