Which Season Is It?

Growing up in Tennessee, crazy and sporadic weather patterns were all the norm. In one week alone, we'd have torrential downpours, snow, high winds and above average temps. My friends and I would joke that Mother Nature loved all seasons too much to only have one at a time! If you grew up in Tennessee, or really anywhere in the South, you know what I am talking about.

After college I decided that enough was enough and moved to Washington, D.C. (well, it was more like I got a job and it was necessary to move). I fully expected that living in another city would offer an opportunity to experience "normal" weather for once. Boy was I wrong! DC could be Knoxville's twin, because since moving here things haven't been much different.

 This past winter alone, DC had multiple snow falls, extreme winds, below zero temps (yes!! with wind chills, we experienced -11 degrees!!)... all leading to more snow days than I got in my four years of college!! To make matters worse, intermixed were signs of hope that spring would come early. It was the craziest pattern that resulted in alternating from wearing a heavy trench one day, to shorts the next. 

While spring has technically arrived, the warmer weather seems to be lagging behind. We've had some wonderfully sunny days and not nearly as many wet, rainy ones. It's only a matter of time though till the "April Showers" arrive. To keep you warm on those cool mornings, but transition easily for rainy weather, I have put together some of my favorite spring essentials. These trenches and accessories are practical, yet fashionable for whatever sort of weather is thrown your way!

Happy Shopping friends!

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