The Perfect Easter Dresses

Growing up I remember Easter Sunday was ALL about the fashion, aside from the true meaning of the day of course. Our mothers got us all dolled up; outfitted in the perfect dress, shoes, hat and of course those frilly white socks. If we were lucky enough, our Easter baskets even matched our outfits (maybe lucky isn't the word to use).

While I for one am SOOO glad those days are over, I inevitably will put my daughters (way, WAYYY down the road) through the same fashion torture. For now, Easter Sunday is very much still about the dresses and accessories. Whether you are donning your "Sunday Best," in the name of the Lord or simply for an afternoon brunch, finding the perfect dress can be difficult. Who wants to spend all that money for a dress you'll wear once? So I have put together a slew of dresses that can be worn not only this coming Sunday, but for work, an upcoming horse race, wedding shower, etc.

Check out some of my favorite picks below (make sure you scroll through, there are 18 options), sure to make a great impression on Easter Sunday. I actually own three of these dresses and love them! The first Ann Taylor Loft pink one, is by far my most favorite.

Happy Shopping!

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Amanda {Planning It All} said...

I still love getting a new Easter dress every year!

Primp & Proper said...

Me too!! It's an excuse to buy something new :) Thanks for stopping by!!