Spring Cleaning #SmallClosetProblems

Spring has officially arrived, even if the weather wishes to cooperate or not. The arrival of a new season brings a transition of our wardrobe, weekend activities and in our spaces. Whether you live in a suburban home or a high-rise city apartment, the time has come for some spring cleaning. 

There are different levels of spring cleaning dedication...

Serious Dedication: completely restructuring and organizing every room in your home and deep cleaning every crevice of space. The uber dedicated spring cleaner likely has spent the prior months, organizing ideas and must-dos on their Pinterest boards and likely is the type of person who doesn't really need to spring clean any ways. Let's be honest... it's already done.

Moderate Dedication: probably the attitude most of us HOPE to take; a little dusting here and there, brightening up the living room with fresh pillows, switching over your closet and finally getting round to organizing your bills and paperwork.

Average Dedication: this is the category most of us wish we didn't fall under but realistically do. You finally get around to changing your sheets, pulling your spring clothes to the front of your closet and spray some sort of spring scented Febreze around your place. Insto presto, apartment is "spring clean."

To increase my average level of dedication, I made sure that at the top of my "Spring Cleaning To-Do" list was switching over my closet from winter to spring. In all actuality, I had no choice. Living in a tiny apartment means an even smaller closet. I mean how unfair and absurd is it for a female to be given a closet that is smaller than my shower?! It is so unrealistic but something to deal with nonetheless.

Since my closet can barely (and I mean barely) hold one season's worth of clothes, I had no choice but to transition my space. Instead of spending three - four hours of my gorgeous Sunday afternoon sorting and hanging clothes, I came up with some tips and tricks to make the process much easier and faster.

Here are some Spring Cleaning basics for those who suffer from #smallclosetproblems.

- Know What You're Working With: does your spring wardrobe bring twice as many shoes, are you needing more hangers? Plan out items you need ahead of time, everything from a hanging shoe rack to Febreze for freshening up your clothes. Head on over to your local Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond to pick up the essentials.

**Tip: If you sign-up for Bed, Bath and Beyond rewards program, they send you several coupons each week via mail and email. Those 20% off and $5 off coupons combined, can save you a lot of money.

- Make Your Bed: your mother told you this all the time growing up, and yes it is necessary to making the closet transition easier. You need a large, clean space to lay all of your clothes.

- Take Everything Out of Your Closet: Yes, I said it. This may seem daunting, but I promise it'll make things quicker and easier in the end. Rather than trying to rearrange hangers, taking everything out provides you with a blank canvas. This is also the time to unpack your boxes of spring clothes.

- Start Sorting: I go through piece by piece and decide whether or not to KEEP, PACK or DONATE. Make separate piles in your floor or in the hall. I take everything I want to pack or donate off the hangers. Save them, because good hangers are hard to come by these days.

- Shelves then Racks: I start by loading up the shelves, because it's easier to get to them without a big bulk of hanging clothes in the way. Group similar items on each shelf. I did heavier spring sweaters, then jeans, shorts (organized by patterned, solid colors, then jean shorts) grouped by ones you'll wear the most at the top, and then skirts. The bottom two shelves are for bigger shoes and boots.

- Hang Your Clothes: this may just be my OCD talking, but I grouped similar items together. On the top shelf I did jackets, cardis, going out tops, work tops, then button downs. On the lower rack are all of my work dresses, work pants and skirts. If similar items are grouped together, it'll be easier to find what you're looking for later.
(Don't judge, I may or may not own 42 work dresses... but hey, they are good quality and will last several years. I, well my mother, never turns down a good department store sale).

- Hang Your Shoes: to save shelf space, utilize your closet doors. I have two hanging shoe racks, with more causal shoes and sandals on the left door and work/going out heels on the right.

- Use Every Inch: don't forget the front of your closet doors; they can be used too!! I reversed a closet hook, hanging it on the front of the right door. This space is perfect for hanging my spring trenches and coats. Otherwise it would be wasted space!

The more organized your closet and shoes, the easier it'll be to find what you're looking for on the mornings you're running late to work.


Congratulations, you're finished!! Now stand back and admire your nicely organized and colorful closet. Take a pic or two, cause odds are (if you're like me) it'll look nothing like this tomorrow, ha!

What tips do you have for making a small closet transition easier?

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District Sparkle said...

Great tips! & love that baby pink dress in the 'Before' pic. Might have to "borrow" that :)

xx Meaghan

Primp & Proper said...

Thanks Meaghan!! You're welcome to any time :) looking forward to seeing you Thursday!!!

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