Over the Weekend, Spring Has Sprung

Over the weekend we finally started to see some life out of Miss Spring, who has too long been overshadowed by the Winter Diva. The days of harsh blistery winds, heavy snowfalls, and that drudge (mixture of dirt, ice and snow) that lined the curbs and ruined your boots, is finally over!! We now welcome cool mornings, blooming trees and the smell of freshly planted flowers. 

Naturally, upon the arrival of spring, my weekend activities begin to change. Instead of spending my down time indoors, weekends will now be filled with afternoon strolls to Eastern Market, Nationals baseball games, nighttime rooftop hangouts and Sunday morning brunches. I am excited to be free from being cooped up indoors and finally being able to get out and about in the city that is geared toward outdoor activities. 

Although this past weekend brought slightly cool temps, I still got out of the apartment and enjoyed the gorgeous blue skies and sunny afternoons. Saturday my roommate and I went to Target (yes, I know that is indoors, but we did go for the purpose of getting spring items and Easter candy). To my surprise, I was able to leave my favorite store for under $100 (snaps to me). We got plenty of necessities for spring cleaning (stay tuned tomorrow for a new post on this), Easter candy for the boys and other fun items to freshen up the apartment. 

Sunday was a typical Capitol Hill morning, brunch with friends and an afternoon stroll through Eastern Market. I met some of my good friends at Sonoma on Penn Avenue, for a hearty breakfast to start off the day. We then walked to Eastern Market, for some fresh fruit and spring flowers.

**Side Note: If you live in DC and have never visited Eastern Market, I highly recommend it. On Saturdays and Sundays the market expands to the outdoors, with white tents all filled with fresh produce and handmade trinkets. On the weekends, farmers from all over the country drive up to sell their fresh produce. In the summers there isn't a meal I make that doesn't include some sort of fresh ingredient from an Eastern Market vendor. 

To finish off my already wonderful weekend, I decided to hit the spring cleaning ground running. My first project to tackle was the dreaded "closet switchover." Living in a high-rise building, apartments are small and with small spaces means tiny closets. I unfortunately do not have the room for anything more than a season's wardrobe. So it was time to dust off the spring clothes and pack up my winter wardrobe (thank goodness). 

For more on my closet changeover, check back tomorrow for tips and tricks that make the transition smooth and quick. To tide you over, here are some photos from Sunday morning's brunch, some of my Target goodies and a sneak peek at tomorrow's all new post!


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