Derby Day Essentials

Prior to moving to Washington, D.C., I had never been to a horse race. Yep, I never went to Steeplechase or Carolina Cup (shocking, I know). So when it came time to prepare for Virginia's Gold Cup last year, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was the least prepared I've ever been in my life (which is saying something). I literally took my phone and clutch, with my ID, lip gloss and a little bit of cash. Naturally I had forgotten my sunglasses and the necessities for making it through a day long outdoor event. 

I left Gold Cup with a new found appreciation for indoor plumbing, sunscreen and eye protection. 

To better prepare myself and y'all, this year I put together a list of derby day essentials that'll make any horse race you attend pleasurable. 

What's In My Purse:
A Cheap Pair of Sunglasses
Cheap doesn't mean you cant look fashionable. These Loft Sunnies are only $20! 
A cheap pair of sunglasses means no worries if you leave them on the bus or lose them on the field.

Michael Kors Wristlet
To hold the essentials all in one place. Perfect for storing your phone, ID and credit cards.
Slips into almost any size bag or tote.

Wet Ones Hand Wipes 
You may think I'm being a "mom," but you'll thank me later. When you have to become one with nature and realize there aren't any indoor restrooms, these will come in handy! Use these or hand sanny.

No one is invisible to the sun. Make sure you lather up or suffer the farmer tan consequences tomorrow. 

Oil Wipes
For those who want to leave the shine to the sun.

Dress up your beer can too, with a Lilly drink hugger.

Chap Stick with Sunscreen
To protect your lips from getting burnt.

CoverGirl Concealer
To touch up make up that gets wiped away throughout the day.

With these derby day essentials, you're ready for any horse race extravaganza. 
Now all you need to figure out is what to wear and find the perfect hat!

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