Comforts of home, MADE in the SOUTH

Since graduating from college and moving to a new city, I have found one of the hardest challenges is leaving the comforts of home. I spent 21 years of my life in good ole Tennessee, only to move to a city hundreds of miles away, which at times feels anything but southern.

To try and fill this void, I made sure my apartment had plenty of reminders of where I grew up. Anytime I can get back to Tennessee (which isn't very often) I try to pick up whatever items I can to bring back to DC. Since I don't make it home as much as I'd like, I have always wished there was an easier way to receive southern made items, while at the same time still support local businesses from the south.

That is when I discovered MADE SOUTH; a business that does just that. MADE SOUTH is a family owned business, founded by Christopher Thomas and his family

Christopher and his wife Kimberly came up with the idea for MADE SOUTH a little over a year ago. Christopher had a 9-5 job (which he loved), but longed for something with more freedom and a chance to own a family business. 

Christopher said, 
"It took me a year or so to come up with an idea that we felt combined what we're good at (connecting with people, telling stories) with what we're passionate about (the South, local business). The mission of MADE SOUTH really is to help people Discover & Support Southern Makers."

I just love a good "American Dream" story, and I feel Christopher and his family are just that. Not only are they trying to build their own business, but their main focus is also on helping others do the same. 

MADE SOUTH is a membership service, where customers can sign up to receive quarterly southern made surprise packages. Every three months, a new bundle is created and filled with three items that are unique and specifically MADE in the SOUTH. 

I spoke to Christopher, who is just as friendly as can be, and he explained that a lot of thought and time goes into selecting each item used. Each shipment is filled with small-batch, gourmet boutique variety items.

MADE SOUTH recently sent out their FIRST shipment to more than 200 customers. Each box was hand assembled by Christopher and his team (wife and three children) and stamped with the MADE SOUTH logo. The first shipment also included a button for the inaugural members, first edition Maker Notes and hand written thank yous for each customer, compliments of the Thomas children.

Items included in their first shipment were:

 Southern Firefly Candle Co. candle, hand poured in Brentwood, TN

5-card set of "Southern Sayings", hand pressed 
on a vintage letterpress in Edgefield, SC

PB&J Burst Truffles and Fudge Cookies 
from Blushing Berry in Nolensville, TN 

The thing I love about these selected items, are that they are all home made and hand made.
A lot of time and care goes into making each and every product.

What I absolutely admire about MADE SOUTH is that it is a family owned and operated business. It is a full fledged effort by each member of the family, from assembling the boxes to adding a special touch with the thank you notes. I sincerely know that MADE SOUTH will impress you the same way it did me. See for yourself by signing up for their next bundle, set to ship in June.

Love what you see above??
You can also win ALL of the items you've seen here, by entering the MADE SOUTH/First Impressions giveaway!! Thank you to Chris's generosity and southern hospitality, First Impressions readers can enter to win a bundle of items used in MADE SOUTH's inaugural shipment. Scroll down and enter through the Rafflecopter system.
You have one week to enter and multiple ways to win!

In the meantime head on over to MADE SOUTH's website to sign up for their next shipment!

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Unknown said...

Kristyn, thanks for sharing about this awesome company! I signed up and wished I had seen this giveaway last week! I love all things South and am so excited you introduced us to them.

Primp & Proper said...

Of course, thanks for reading Julien!! So sorry you missed out on the giveaway, but I know you'll just love your first bundle of goodies!!