Over the Weekend, A Fun Girls Weekend

I may be a few days late for my Over the Weekend post, but there were so many fun things that happened, I couldn't not share. I thought it would be a fun mid-week treat to share with y'all what this past long weekend brought to DC... some special visitors! My mother and good friend Lindsey came all the way up from Tennessee!!!

Since I had the day off Friday for the holiday weekend, my mother, Lindsey and I hit the ground running for our girls weekend. We definitely didn't waste any time, as my mother had us up, dressed and ready for a day of sightseeing by 9:00 a.m.

First stop was my office, to show them where I spend most of my time. I then showed them around the Capitol, even getting the opportunity to visit the senate floor and Speaker's balcony. I was so excited to experience things that I haven't even done since moving to DC! 

After visiting the Hill, we headed to see the White House, Museum of American History and Chinatown. I tell you what, the First Ladies exhibit is something to see. If you haven't witnessed the actual gowns worn by some of America's most famous women, you MUST check it out. There are gowns worn in the 1800s, all the way up to our current First Lady, Michelle Obama's recent Inaugural gown. 

Friday night we ate at a place I have been DYING to eat at, Lincoln DC. It's a restaurant dedicated to our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. The floors are made entirely out of pennies, ceilings featured mason jar chandeliers, and the menu is made up of gourmet southern dishes. Lincoln DC definitely lived up to the hype and deserves a visit by anyone who graces DC's presence. 

Saturday was probably my most favorite day, shopping in Georgetown. We started the afternoon off by eating lunch at one of DC's most famous places, Martin's Tavern. Martin's is known for the "proposal booth," where JFK and Jackie O. got engaged. It's a quaint little booth, located by the windows and marked with a placard so as to make sure everyone knows what historical moment took place there.

Here are some photos of different goodies I picked up whilst in Georgetown (make sure you say it with a rather regal accent).

Rebecca Minkoff trunk show at Urban Chic in Georgetown
I knew there was a Rebecca Minkoff trunk show going on at Urban Chic. I have been longing to own the mint green large tote, which is perfect for work. When I arrived, there it was in the front row! It just so happened to be the last one from the weekend and I made it all MINE!! I absolutely love my new tote and haven't stopped staring at it. 

My Tory Burch flats finally arrived and now I am ready for the summer!
Aside from some shopping and eating, my mother helped my roommate and I freshen up our apartment for spring, by picking up a new rug and some accents. It really brightens up the room, don't ya think? Only in DC can you have an Americana inspired living area, ha!

We capped off the weekend with a fun Easter Sunday brunch at Farmers Fishers Bakers. Another place I had been itching to go to, and so glad that I did. They offer an all you can eat brunch buffet, that is sure to please any southern sweet tooth. 

All in all I had a wonderful time visiting with my mother and great friend, over the weekend. 
Hope y'all are having a great week, Happy Hump Day!! 

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Over the Weekend, Blossoms and Brunch

If you follow anyone who lives in Washington, D.C. or who is lucky enough to visit the district this week, then odds are you've been bombarded with countless photos of trees and blooms. This past weekend I was lucky enough to get to see the cherry blossoms for myself, by walking around the Capitol grounds and visiting the Tidal Basin.

As if you haven't seen them enough, here are some photos from my cherry blossom adventures Over the Weekend.

To cap off a great weekend, I met up with a fellow DMV (District, Maryland, Virginia area) blogger, Alissa who founded and created Feeling Good Style. We met for a yummy brunch at Zengo in Chinatown. It was great getting to know another blogger in the area, and it so happens that she is also a Steelers fan!! Definitely a plus! Now I have a friend to watch the games with this fall. 

It was a great weekend of sightseeing, enjoying the gorgeous spring scenery that DC has to offer and brunching with a new friend. I always enjoy getting together with other bloggers, to share ideas and advice, and of course have someone who doesn't judge me when I take countless pics of my food, ha!

What did you do Over the Weekend?

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Over the Weekend, Spring Has Sprung

Over the weekend we finally started to see some life out of Miss Spring, who has too long been overshadowed by the Winter Diva. The days of harsh blistery winds, heavy snowfalls, and that drudge (mixture of dirt, ice and snow) that lined the curbs and ruined your boots, is finally over!! We now welcome cool mornings, blooming trees and the smell of freshly planted flowers. 

Naturally, upon the arrival of spring, my weekend activities begin to change. Instead of spending my down time indoors, weekends will now be filled with afternoon strolls to Eastern Market, Nationals baseball games, nighttime rooftop hangouts and Sunday morning brunches. I am excited to be free from being cooped up indoors and finally being able to get out and about in the city that is geared toward outdoor activities. 

Although this past weekend brought slightly cool temps, I still got out of the apartment and enjoyed the gorgeous blue skies and sunny afternoons. Saturday my roommate and I went to Target (yes, I know that is indoors, but we did go for the purpose of getting spring items and Easter candy). To my surprise, I was able to leave my favorite store for under $100 (snaps to me). We got plenty of necessities for spring cleaning (stay tuned tomorrow for a new post on this), Easter candy for the boys and other fun items to freshen up the apartment. 

Sunday was a typical Capitol Hill morning, brunch with friends and an afternoon stroll through Eastern Market. I met some of my good friends at Sonoma on Penn Avenue, for a hearty breakfast to start off the day. We then walked to Eastern Market, for some fresh fruit and spring flowers.

**Side Note: If you live in DC and have never visited Eastern Market, I highly recommend it. On Saturdays and Sundays the market expands to the outdoors, with white tents all filled with fresh produce and handmade trinkets. On the weekends, farmers from all over the country drive up to sell their fresh produce. In the summers there isn't a meal I make that doesn't include some sort of fresh ingredient from an Eastern Market vendor. 

To finish off my already wonderful weekend, I decided to hit the spring cleaning ground running. My first project to tackle was the dreaded "closet switchover." Living in a high-rise building, apartments are small and with small spaces means tiny closets. I unfortunately do not have the room for anything more than a season's wardrobe. So it was time to dust off the spring clothes and pack up my winter wardrobe (thank goodness). 

For more on my closet changeover, check back tomorrow for tips and tricks that make the transition smooth and quick. To tide you over, here are some photos from Sunday morning's brunch, some of my Target goodies and a sneak peek at tomorrow's all new post!


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A Southern State of Mine, Taste of the South 2014

A year of planning finally came to fruition this past weekend, when the Taste of the South Charity Gala was held at the Washington Hilton here in D.C. More than 2,000 people put on their gowns and tuxes for an evening that has been widely deemed "Hill Prom."

Taste of the South is a black tie gala featuring 13 states from the south east. This event is dedicated to raising money for charities from every one of the participating states, as well as Washington D.C. This was the 32nd year for TOTS (as it's well known). One state is voted (by the committee) to serve as the featured charity for the event, while the remaining states support a "Dixie Fund" charity. Most proceeds are donated to the featured charity, with this year's being Kentucky's West End School.

This was my second year attending the gala, but my first year as a member of the planning committee. I helped represent the state of Tennessee. Overall, the committee is made up of about forty state representatives and four executive board members. Together we spend an entire year leading up to the event, planning and fundraising. 

It is a completely different experience going from being just an attendee, to someone actually helping plan the event. I loved having the opportunity to assist in making this year's gala a night to remember. From working with donors, helping to choose the benefiting charities, to collecting swag for giveaways and deciding on a theme for my home state, it was a wonderful and exciting process to be apart of. 

If you've ever attended TOTS in the past, you know that it has been held at several locations, with this year being the first time at the Washington Hilton. The Hilton is best known for hosting the White House Correspondents dinner, and many other popular DC events. 

TOTS completely took over the expansive ballroom, with each state creating an area that best represents their state. Tennessee's theme this year was General Jackson's Showboat, based on the popular Nashville attraction.

Here are some other states' tables and booth areas…

(**As a quick side note, my apologies for the poor quality photos… you can blame the fact I have yet to perfect getting rid of the grainy finish to iPhone photos and that I couldn't fit a digital SLR camera in my clutch.)

Tennessee's Dixie Fund Charity this year was Camp Koinonia; a Knoxville based charity associated with The University of Tennessee and a program that is near and dear to my heart. Camp K is a week long getaway for children and young adults with disabilities. I was a camp counselor my senior year at UT. Camp K was an amazing class and program to be a part of; it truly impacted my life and time at UT. Thus, I couldn't think of a better organization to help give back to than Camp K.

With funds still being collected and tabulated, it has yet to be determined how much will be donated to charity for this year. Past years have brought about $350K to the featured charity and around $3-7K for Dixie Fund charities (a percentage of what each state raises is how this is calculated, so it depends on how much the state raises). 

Overall Taste of the South was a wonderful evening, full of tasty (no pun intended) food, great swag, lots of dancing (we had an AMAZING band this year), spending time with fellow southerners, all while benefiting many great charities. It took me back to my down home roots!

Here are some more photos from the night…

My handsome date for the evening, Zach

A good friend of mine and the birthday boy of the evening, Tom

Although Taste of the South just ended, planning for next year's gala will begin soon. 
Interested in helping with next year's event? Send me an email and I'll put you in touch with your home state!
Stay tuned over the coming months for Taste of the South 2015 details. 

In the infamous words of Tennessee's own Dolly Parton, "Y'all Come Back Now, Ya Hear!"

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