March, the Month of Macarons

March has officially been deemed Macaron Month thanks to Martha Stewart Living's recent magazine cover.

The macaron craze has recently taken off and these delectable sweets are EVERYWHERE!!!
People are craving these tiny, cookie like treats and cannot get enough of them.
Some, are even calling them the "new cupcake."

Washington D.C. is no different. Since moving to this city (I admit I had never even tried a macaron till I moved here), I have noticed the fast growing trend of this almond based joy. Popup shops are strewn all throughout the city, numerous bakeries are striving to perfect their own flavors and even stores, solely dedicated to selling macarons, are opening their doors.

There is one such store that is taking advantage of this trend.
Olivia Macaron, located in the heart of Georgetown, has taken this city by storm. From their extremely well done social media outreach, to perfecting the Oscar winning macaron, and of course their exceptional tasting sweets, Olivia is a place to visit.

Since I was in Georgetown this past weekend, I had to stop in and see what they were all about.
The store is alive with color, from the beautiful window display, arrangement of their macarons, to the over sized wall graphic, it is a very welcoming environment. Not to mention the delicious aromas that fill the store as you walk in.

Colorfully displayed, their macarons taste even better than they look.
I highly recommend the Red Velvet flavor… it's to DYE for (get it? ha)!
Instead of rambling on I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Here are some snaps from my recent visit...

If you're in the Washington area or passing through, Olivia Macaron is located at 3222 M Street NW.
Be sure to checkout their website, and for those of you outside the area, you will soon be able to purchase these yummy treats via their online store. Be on the lookout for their launch coming soon!



casey said...

Knoxville needs a store like this!

Primp & Proper said...

YES, Knoxville needs to get into the Macaron craze pronto!!