A Fun Morning of Sips and Snaps!

Since I started my blog two months ago, I have been itching to host an event of some kind with a friend or fellow blogger. It just so happened that I found someone who was both a friend and blogger to co-host a gathering with. 

Sarah and I both went to the University of Tennessee, but didn't meet till mutual friends introduced us here in DC. Sarah is just a fabulous person all around, loves event planning, blogging (check out Sarah's blog Two Girls, Two Cities) and works/lives not too far from me. She's my go to blogger friend when it comes to advice, throwing around ideas and of course, hosting an event together.

I had been thinking for awhile that I wanted to host some sort of brunch, combined with a fun spring fashion shoot. I am surrounded by some pretty fashionable friends, so I wanted to feature their styles and spring inspirations. So Sarah and I began planning what we call a Sips and Snaps Brunch. Sips, of course comes from sipping some Champs (Champagne); Snaps comes from snapshots, since we were going to take some photos. 

When it came to who we wanted to invite, we decided to keep it small. We wanted to have an ease of moving about (since my apartment is super tiny) and plenty of time to take photos. Our guests included fellow bloggers, some fashionistas and friends who have really supported us through our blogging journeys. 

We kept the food light, probably not that healthy (oops), but all around delicious brunch food. I wanted to mix an old recipe with a new one, so we had my homemade sausage croissants and a Pinterest find, mini quiches with bacon, tomatoes and green onions. To round out the menu we added some fruit skewers, a tossed salad and Olivia Macarons for a take-home. 

Here are some more photos from the "sips" portion of the morning: 

Once brunch was over, everyone began freshening up and getting ready to take some "snaps." 

More to come…. 

Here is a sneak peek from the photo shoot fun! 
Be on the lookout the rest of this week with details and more photos of everyone's Outfits of the Day (OOTD).