A Few of His Favorite Things

We all have a special man in our lives. Whether that's your father, brother, another family member or a boyfriend, husband or best guy friend. No matter who "he" is, there is always an occasion to honor them. 

When you ask most guys what they want for their birthday or Christmas, etc., the common response is "don't get me anything." However, for me (being the southern lady that I am),  I never let a special occasion go without recognition.
So why not put together a gift that isn't over the top, but at the same time lets them know you're thinking of them?

That is when I came up with the "Favorite Things Box."
Choose a holiday or reason for gifting and make it your own.
All you need are a few of his favorite things and some creativity!

Here is a "Birthday Box" I made recently for a special someone's birthday, full of his favorite things!

Items You'll Need:

Basket or Box to hold the items 
His favorite alcohol  
Something related to his hobby 
Something from his favorite sports team 
A recent movie release or book from his favorite author
Something sweet and a homemade treat 

Depending on the size of the basket or box, you may have to fill the bottom with tissue paper, so that items will stand higher than the top of the bin. 

Put the taller items in the back of the basket and fill in as necessary with other items.
Of course, placing the smaller or shorter items in the front. 

Fill the extra space with a few of his favorite things, like gum, Chapstick or his favorite candy. 
If you want to go above and beyond, throw in some airplane bottles of new liquors he hasn't tried. 

You don't need any frill or ribbon, the items should be the focus (let's face it, guys will just throw all that away, so don't waste the money). 

Now the basket is full of all his favorite things!!

The options of items to include are endless!
You can spend a lot or spend a little.
Make it funny, useful or a combination of the two.
The key is to being creative and featuring some of his favorite things. 
This will make a wonderful impression, as it shows you are always paying attention to what they like!

What sort of items would you include for the special man in your life?


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