Let Me Introduce Jamie, Alex and Alyssa

In the final post from last Sunday's Sips and Snaps Brunch, I want to introduce y'all to my good friends Alex, Alyssa and Jamie. All three have very different styles, but are similar in the fact they love statement and staple pieces. 

Alex is originally from Florida, so she brought with her to DC a love of versatile pieces you can wear year round. 
Alyssa, who moved south from Boston, enjoys a good preppy look and statement jewelry.
Jamie hales not too far from here, Charlottesville, VA. One of Jamie's gotos for her style is to mix and match pieces, whether its multiple patterns or lots of jewelry. She says, "I am a firm believer in wearing things you love. I don't think too much if things 'match' or if I have the best brands."

Take a look at these lovely ladies' outfits from Sunday's brunch below. 

Meet Alex, 24
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
2L at American University Washington College of Law 
and current Student Body President
(Snaps to you Madame President)

Style Icon: Olivia Palermo or her mother, Kim
Favorite Stores: Madewell, C. Wonder, Gap, BaubleBar and Bloomingdale's!!

"Being from South Florida I favor shorts, wedges and breezy/flowy pieces all year round. I tend to stick to beachy neutrals (creams, navy, tans, etc.). To add a pop of color, I choose colorful jewelry or shoes to accent the outfit!"

David Yurman Ring (old, was her mother's and passed down, aww precious)
Necklace (gifted) 

Ring, Watch and Sunnies (same as above)

Meet Alyssa, 24
Originally from Cohasset, Massachusetts 
(My one and only northerner friend, ha, love her!)
Works on Capitol Hill

Style Icon: Jamie Grigg
Favorite Stores: J. Crew (side note, she works there... you'll probably be able to tell when you scroll down further and see where her outfits are from :) ha), Vineyard Vines, Banana Republic

"When I find something I like, I buy it in every color. I tend to favor classic and preppy pieces; ones that make a statement. Since I work on the Hill, I need outfits that can transition from day to night, so I look for versatile items."

Jewelry is same as above 

Meet Jamie, 24
Hales from Charlottesville, Virginia 
Director of Accounts at a Public Affairs Firm in DC
Also creator/founder of Exposed Brick DC (check out Jamie's blog/site for all your housing needs)

Style Icons: Kate Hudson, Kerry Washington and Jennifer Aniston 
Fun Fact: Jamie's ears are not pierced, so all earrings you see are clip-ons!

"I tend to lean more towards a tom boy look. I'm most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt; adding jewelry and other feminine pieces is a must." 

Belt is from Virginia Horse Show / Earrings (Great Grandmother's)
Saxton Silver Heels (from Downtown Richmond)

"My boyfriend likes when I wear preppy clothes, so this outfit is for him! I always want to put a twist on what's considered classic."

Earrings (vintage) / Caspari Clip (Charlottesville) 

Hope y'all enjoyed this little "mini" series of posts from Sunday's brunch. 
A Sips and Snaps brunch is something anyone can host, any time of the year. 
Have one in the fall to take some snapshots of your friend's fall wardrobes, hire a local photographer to take the pressure off having to take your own photos, or have the brunch at a fun restaurant and take pictures of everyone's outfit of the day outside.
The options for hosting this type of gathering are endless. 
Be sure to share photos from your Sips and Snaps party using the hash tag #sipsandsnaps.

Have a great weekend friends,




Let Me Introduce You to My Friends, Sarah and Darby

On Monday I featured an event I hosted this past weekend with my good friend Sarah, the Sips and Snaps Brunch. 
I hope y'all enjoyed the writeup and photos!

When the "sips" portion of the event was over, it was time to prep and freshen up for the "snaps."
There are soooo many trends I am loving this spring. The scalloped edge, bar earrings, mint green accents, and d'orsay flats! While I have my own personal style and trends for which I favor, my friends do as well. So I asked everyone to bring two "spring" outfits; ones that showcased pieces they are loving for this season, making sure to add their personal touch.

For the next two posts (today and Friday) I am going to introduce y'all to my friends, adding photos of the outfits they brought and of course including details on where to purchase individual pieces. 

Meet Darby and Sarah...

Age 23
Originally from Dallas, Texas 
Works at a consulting firm in downtown Washington, D.C. 

"Fashion is a way I express myself. I enjoy pairing fun colors and patterns to finish my look."

Jewelry, same links as above

Age 23
Originally from Memphis, Tennessee 
Works on Capitol Hill by day and event planning by night

"This dress is a dream! Not only is it mega-comfortable (reason enough to love) but it is fabulously fun. I am free to move around yet feel completely polished. These VC pumps have carried me from the dance floor to the kitchen floor in comfort and style. They are my go-to heels. Also, this ring is one of my most prized possessions found at the flea market. The tiny mosaic flower is so beautiful and makes for a great conversation piece. This dress will always be first in the line up of outfits I'd wear to host a brunch party!"

"This outfit is very 'me'. It is girly, yet laid back. I'm super comfortable and that is of the utmost importance to me (nobody wants to be self-consciously tugging at their outfit all day). I've mixed lace and leather and feel like a million bucks! I'd wear this to a concert at Wolftrap or maybe afternoon drinks at the W."

Jewelry, same links as above

Later this week I will introduce you to Jamie, Alex and Alyssa!! These three have very different styles, but all brought together by their love of statement pieces.

Stop back by on Friday to meet them!



A Fun Morning of Sips and Snaps!

Since I started my blog two months ago, I have been itching to host an event of some kind with a friend or fellow blogger. It just so happened that I found someone who was both a friend and blogger to co-host a gathering with. 

Sarah and I both went to the University of Tennessee, but didn't meet till mutual friends introduced us here in DC. Sarah is just a fabulous person all around, loves event planning, blogging (check out Sarah's blog Two Girls, Two Cities) and works/lives not too far from me. She's my go to blogger friend when it comes to advice, throwing around ideas and of course, hosting an event together.

I had been thinking for awhile that I wanted to host some sort of brunch, combined with a fun spring fashion shoot. I am surrounded by some pretty fashionable friends, so I wanted to feature their styles and spring inspirations. So Sarah and I began planning what we call a Sips and Snaps Brunch. Sips, of course comes from sipping some Champs (Champagne); Snaps comes from snapshots, since we were going to take some photos. 

When it came to who we wanted to invite, we decided to keep it small. We wanted to have an ease of moving about (since my apartment is super tiny) and plenty of time to take photos. Our guests included fellow bloggers, some fashionistas and friends who have really supported us through our blogging journeys. 

We kept the food light, probably not that healthy (oops), but all around delicious brunch food. I wanted to mix an old recipe with a new one, so we had my homemade sausage croissants and a Pinterest find, mini quiches with bacon, tomatoes and green onions. To round out the menu we added some fruit skewers, a tossed salad and Olivia Macarons for a take-home. 

Here are some more photos from the "sips" portion of the morning: 

Once brunch was over, everyone began freshening up and getting ready to take some "snaps." 

More to come…. 

Here is a sneak peek from the photo shoot fun! 
Be on the lookout the rest of this week with details and more photos of everyone's Outfits of the Day (OOTD). 



A Few of His Favorite Things

We all have a special man in our lives. Whether that's your father, brother, another family member or a boyfriend, husband or best guy friend. No matter who "he" is, there is always an occasion to honor them. 

When you ask most guys what they want for their birthday or Christmas, etc., the common response is "don't get me anything." However, for me (being the southern lady that I am),  I never let a special occasion go without recognition.
So why not put together a gift that isn't over the top, but at the same time lets them know you're thinking of them?

That is when I came up with the "Favorite Things Box."
Choose a holiday or reason for gifting and make it your own.
All you need are a few of his favorite things and some creativity!

Here is a "Birthday Box" I made recently for a special someone's birthday, full of his favorite things!

Items You'll Need:

Basket or Box to hold the items 
His favorite alcohol  
Something related to his hobby 
Something from his favorite sports team 
A recent movie release or book from his favorite author
Something sweet and a homemade treat 

Depending on the size of the basket or box, you may have to fill the bottom with tissue paper, so that items will stand higher than the top of the bin. 

Put the taller items in the back of the basket and fill in as necessary with other items.
Of course, placing the smaller or shorter items in the front. 

Fill the extra space with a few of his favorite things, like gum, Chapstick or his favorite candy. 
If you want to go above and beyond, throw in some airplane bottles of new liquors he hasn't tried. 

You don't need any frill or ribbon, the items should be the focus (let's face it, guys will just throw all that away, so don't waste the money). 

Now the basket is full of all his favorite things!!

The options of items to include are endless!
You can spend a lot or spend a little.
Make it funny, useful or a combination of the two.
The key is to being creative and featuring some of his favorite things. 
This will make a wonderful impression, as it shows you are always paying attention to what they like!

What sort of items would you include for the special man in your life?