The Most Amazing Tote EVER

Let's be honest ladies, we can never own enough purses or totes.
There is always the "perfect" bag for every phase of our lives.

In high school we didn't just carry any backpack, but the North Face Jester (cause I mean everyone had one).
In college, we upgraded to the Vera Bradley backpack or the Lilly tote.
Now that a lot of us have entered the workforce or are attending grad school, wouldn't it be nice if there was a bag that fit our twenty something years? Well ladies, there is!!

Introducing the Dagne Dover Tote bag.
I was first introduced to this tote by my friends Alyssa and Kelly.
Like me, they had been searching high and low for a bag that fit their daily routine. 

Kelly explained to me why she loves the Dagne Dover tote:

"This tote has a compartment for everything a young working/studying woman needs. It has a place for your work badge, morning coffee, wallet, a tablet and a clip for your keys, along with the usual cellphone pocket. I also like being able to throw in a pair of flats for the day. The purse is a plastic coated canvas, so it's easy to wipe down and is very durable. "

Inside the Hudson Blue Tote
While Kelly is currently enjoying her beautiful bag...

Alyssa, myself and many other pining ladies are stuck on the wait list.
This bag is SO amazing, that the supply cannot keep up with their fast growing demand.

If you're wanting to purchase this gem, you'll have to get in line. The tote is currently sold out and it can take several months for you to receive your "buy now" email. DON'T let that dissuade you, as those who are lucky enough to currently own the Dagne Dover say it's well worth the wait!

While the D.D.T. runs for $245, the quality, size and durability of this bag make the price worth it.
Most good quality totes can cost you north of $500. So the price is affordable for someone on a grad school or young professional budget.

If you don't need a tote, make sure you check out their Clutch + Wallet.
It's only $125 and they currently have some of the Hudson Blue in stock (will ship March 15).

The Dagne Dover Tote will surely make a great impression, not only with your friends but at the office as well. Head on over to their site to checkout all the color options and get yourself on the waiting list today!

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