So You're Single for Valentine's Day

This is probably the attitude a lot of us take toward Valentine's Day. It's a holiday that some love to celebrate with their significant other and the rest tend to loath. For those who will not be spending this Friday at a FuFu restaurant, your evening will probably be something similar to one of these options...

Option A: Take the Day for What it's Worth
Those who fall under this option likely have the attitude similar to the photo above. You'll roll your eyes at every "OMG, my boyfriend is SOOO amazing (likely with some heart emoji)" photo or post on social media. You'll have the "it doesn't bother me" attitude, but deep down inside you wish you could post a photo of the insane arrangement of flowers your BF got you! Sigghhh… 

Your actual Valentine's Day will probably consist of avoiding all forms of social media and giving anyone wearing V-day colors the stink eye. You'll probably spend your evening alone, on your couch watching Friend's reruns while eating the exact candy that caters to the holiday you HATE! Ugghhhh

You'll be most happy when February 15th rolls around and all Valentine's Day candy is on sale. Gotta stock up on Dove chocolates and half priced jelly beans!!!

Option B: Take the F this approach

Those who fall under this option have probably already planned their "I Hate Valentine's Day Party." You've most likely sent out the invite to all your single friends or at least those who highly dislike this Hallmark holiday. You will still deck out your entire house with red and pink decorations, make plenty of food for your friends to pig-out on and of course have some red colored drink for everyone to drown their sorrows with. 

You will refuse anyone to come to your party if they are all lovey-dovey and insist on having their romantic dinner prior to your party. "Commit fully or don't come" is probably what you're thinking. 

You'll be most happy when people show up, because nothing could be worse than celebrating an "I hate Valentine's Day" party by yourself.

Option C: Take the Find a Date Approach

Those who fall under this option are probably on Tinder or Hinge right now, checking YES to anyone who looks remotely decent. You WILL find a date for Friday if it's the last thing you do!!!! You'd much rather spend the evening out, appearing to be soooo happy and in love, than spend it doing something similar to those in Option A. 

You'll be most happy when your butt is parked in a chair at that FuFu restaurant, gazing at your bouquet of flowers your date got you and dream of the pictures you're going to post on Insta later! Obvi…

Option D: Take the Right Approach
Those who fall under this option totally get that Valentine's Day is a holiday meant for expressing your love for one another. Whether that's love for your soul mate, a friend, family member or coworker. It doesn't matter if you're single or in a serious relationship, we all need a reminder to stop and appreciate those around us. 

A lot of people complain that Valentine's Day is stupid because "you are supposed to share your love year round", but that's exactly the purpose of this holiday. We all get caught up in our day-to-day routines, and sometimes take the relationships around us for granted. Valentine's Day helps us remember to share the love.. and I suppose provides candy suppliers with a little extra money in the bank.

You'll be most happy when you don't sweat the meaning of the day, instead embracing it with anyone and everyone. Don't waste your evening sitting on the couch, or throwing hateful parties or even stressing over which filter to use for your flower pic on Instagram.

Instead, take a minute to reflect on your friendships and relationships, and share your love in an impressionable way.
Which option will you choose?


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