Over the Weekend: Super Bowl 48

While this past weekend was very eventful, the main focus was on Super Bowl 48.
I mean let's be honest, nothing else mattered.

It was a great evening spent with good friends and some new ones. While I basically used all of this week's cheat days calorie wise, and the game didn't turn out how I wanted, there were still some highlights from last night.

Let's start at the beginning… Coin Toss 101:
Wait till the referee tells you to flip the coin Namath… and that coat?! Which Real Housewife did you steal that from?? So funny!

The outcome of the game definitely wasn't what anyone predicted and if you did, then well you're a winner and deserve a gold star. No one expected the mighty Peyton to have a down night, nor did anyone anticipate a blowout. 

With that said, I will ALWAYS love Peyton #VolForLife

The greatest part of the evening came at halftime. I've always been a fan of Bruno Mars, but this show was the icing to the cake. While we all love us some Beyonce, last night's halftime extravaganza was exactly what halftime shows should be.
Bruno has the raw talent, amazing dance moves and great style. 
Oh, and the RHCP were there and gone in a flash. 
But we love them and they added a nice rock taste to the mix. 

Now what about my favorite commercials? While every year we all anticipate hilarious commercial after hilarious commercial, this year was again a letdown in that department.
However, what lacked in hilarity, was made up for by tear jerkers. 

Here were my two favorite commercials… Budweiser for the win (as usual)!

Budweiser's "A Hero's Welcome"

Budweiser's "Puppy Love"

And then everyone's favorite, according to Twitter…

Cheerios' "Gracie"

What were your favorite moments from Super Bowl 48?
Were there other commercials that touched your heart or made you laugh? 

As an added bonus, in the hubbub of Super Bowl Sunday, a lot of us probably overlooked another important holiday this past weekend. Apparently Phil the groundhog saw his shadow Sunday morning. I know a lot of us put great weight on what Phil thinks, because clearly social media was all the buzz about it… not really, it was crickets.
So in case you missed it, keep your winter coats handy.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Make it a great one!


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