Getting Organized for 2014: My Favorite Planners and Calendars

The New Year is almost a month down and you are probably realizing you cannot remember every meeting, event or task by yourself. While Siri may be able to answer any question you throw her way, she may not be so helpful when it comes to keeping your schedule. 

Call me old fashioned for not entering the technological world, but I refuse to give up the paper planner. There is just something that still appeals to me when it comes to writing down upcoming events and scratching off a completed item from your to-do list.

With that said, here are my favorite planners and organizers for 2014! 

Keeping Every Man in Check: The Small Pocket Planner by Leatherology 
     I know most men do not carry a planner, as it's seen "uncool." However, I know plenty of powerful gents who do not let the stereotype of carrying a planner keep them from staying organized. This planner fits perfectly in your coat pocket and is small enough to appear like a wallet.
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For the College Girl: Lilly vs. Mr. Adler
     If you are in college or a recent graduate, chances are you've seen or owned a Lilly Pulitzer or Jonathan Adler planner. I remember counting down the days till the new "Lilly" agenda came available. One of my favorite sites, Lifeguard Press, offers both Lilly and Jonathan Adler options.

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The Creative Wall Calendar: Paper Source Chalkboard Wall Calendar 
     If you prefer seeing your calendar displayed, this one is for you. While I’m sure your coworkers love a good pic of your favorite type of dog or tropical sunset, go with something more sleek, yet also creative. The chalkboard print is definitely in right now. You can leave the calendar just the way it is...
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Or you can customize it to make it your own!
I customized my wall calendar similar to how they did in the Georgetown Paper Source.
A little gel pen here and there adds a pop of color to a rather generic print.

The Perfect Pocket Planner: May Designs' May Book
     I absolutely LOVE this monthly organizer and the many customizable options May Designs offers. I use this organizer to plan out my weekly blog posts!!

The Life Planner by Erin Condren
     I discovered this gem about a year ago and have never looked back. From the colorful pages, inspirational quotes, laminated tabs, customizable stickers, to the AMAZING customer service… this is by far my favorite planner. Erin Condren goes above and beyond, from the overall finished product to the package that arrives at your doorstep.

The Taffy Planner… mint green and gray
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Remember, no matter what planner you choose it is all about making a great impression. 
A planner will help you stay organized so you don't miss a meeting or show up late to an important event.

Happy shopping and planning!

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