Dinner Delivered to Your Doorstep? Introducing Ryan Hansan's scratchDC

As a twenty-something with a full time job and numerous weekly activities, I can barely find time to go to the grocery store. When I do find time to go, this is my usual routine…

Walk to the metro
Wait on said metro (which on the weekends can be up to 20 minutes) 
Get off one stop later
Drag bright pink rolly cart up the escalator
Attempt to gather all the items on my grocery list
Rethink grocery list as most of the time the store is out of what I need
Stand in the ONE line that is open
Wait 30 minutes to check out
Drag bright pink rolly cart down the escalator… this time it's full of groceries
Wait on metro again… usually I always just miss it… so wait another 20 minutes
Get home and unload groceries
In the end, about half of these groceries get thrown away… cause who really likes leftovers?!?

This scenario probably sounds very familiar to my fellow young professionals. So why can't there be an easier way of making dinner throughout the week?

Well my friends, there is! A young professional himself, Ryan Hansan felt the same way we all do about the dreaded grocery store trips and the wastefulness of food. So he created and founded scratchDC; a dinner delivery service located here in Washington D.C.

"I set out to solve a problem I faced every day," said Ryan Hansan, founder and creator of scratchDC. "Cooking a great meal was difficult and inefficient. There was researching the recipe, making the trip(s) to the grocery store, and chopping and prepping of ingredients. Additionally, there were always unused excess ingredients."

Ryan also "figured there had to be a better way to cook, so we (the team at scratchDC) set out to help people make amazing meals while saving them time and money and also eliminating wasted food."

So how does scratchDC work?

ScratchDC prepares a "bundle," filled with all the ingredients needed (and only the exact amount necessary), step-by-step instructions, and even dessert!! All of this, straight to your doorstep!

All of the ingredients are nicely packaged (and hey, the containers are reusable so that's a plus!) and clearly marked as to what they are. Everything you need, from the salt to the pepper, is provided! All you need are cooking utensils and your master chef skills. 

Follow the step-by-step instructions (Note: Some ovens/skillets cook faster than others, so you may have to adjust cooking times)

You'll soon have what looks like a dish right out of Paula Deen's cookbook…

Then plate your dish and voila… dinner is served!

Overall, this is why I LOVED scratchDC and plan to use them for many nightly dinners to come…

The process of ordering was quick and easy
The meal was delivered straight to my apartment… no grocery store required
scratchDC uses local and fresh ingredients
The meal was easy to prepare and everything I needed was included
You definitely get your moneys worth
To top it off, the portion sizes are insane! You have enough for two people, possibly even three depending on the type of meal

For my Washingtonians, go check out scratchDC to see this week's menu! If you are not a DC resident, there are similar services near you, just look online.

Remember, it's all about making great impressions. So let scratchDC help you make the perfect date night meal (remember Valentine's Day is coming up, hey hey) or simply a quick dinner after a long day of work.

Happy cooking (and eating)!


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