Memorial Day Sale Roundup

Ann Taylor: 50% off full-price styles with code SUMMER50 // sharing some items I'm loving below. Just click on any of the photos to shop directly.

Anthropologie: extra 30% off sale items

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Draper James: up to 50% off (prices as marked)

Forever 21: extra 30% off your purchase with code EXTRA30

GiGi New York: 20% off sitewide + free shipping

J.Crew: 30% off your purchase in stores and online with code WEEKEND // sharing some items I'm loving below. Just click on any of the photos to shop directly.

J.Crew Factory: 50% off sitewide. Prices as marked!

Lilly Pulitzer: free gifts with purchase

Levis: 30% off sitewide with code MEMDAY (these are my favorite jeans)

LOFT: 60% off select summer styles and sale styles + 40% off new arrivals (obsessed with this dress)

Moon & Lola: 20% off your full-priced order with code RSCHARM20

Nordstrom: it's their half yearly sale! Save up to 40%

Shopbop: 40% off select items

Sole Society: up to 50% off select styles

Talbots: extra 40% off one item, extra 50% off two or more items

Tuckernuck: 20% off sitewide with code HELLOSUMMER

Waiting on Martha: spend up to $150, get 15% off // spend $151-$300, get 20% off // spend $301-$450, get 25% off // spend $451+ and get 30% off (use codes MEM15, MEM20, MEM25, MEM30)


All Things Pineapple

Happy Tuesday friends!!

Sorry for being so MIA the past few days. I decided to focus the end of last week + this weekend on getting caught up with everything. I had a to-do list full of errands, cleaning, laundry and tackling my inbox. I wanted to spend the past few days getting caught up so I could really enjoy my trip to Virginia Beach this weekend for Memorial Day. Can y'all believe it's already almost June?! While the days need to really slow down, not one bit of me is upset that summer is officially beginning!

To help get you in the summer mood, I decided to do a shop post featuring one of my favorite things...

Pineapples! I love all things pineapple. Especially the delicious fruit itself! I've always been a huge fan of fruit of any kind. Pineapples are also widely seen as a Southern welcome. You'll find them in many homes, as a symbol of friendship and invitation. See, they aren't just for eating!

I have already filled my home with these pineapple jars, bookends and my newest pineapple find is this gorgeous wood salad bowl! I can't wait to use it this summer when entertaining.

Checkout the roundup of All Things Pineapple I'm loving above + shop through the widget below. There are tons of items to shop in today's post!! Enjoy!


Crown & Ivy for Belk

Top: Crown & Ivy for Belk (on sale for $30!!) | White Denim: Old Navy | Sandals: Target
Clutch: GiGi New York (c/o) | Sunnies: Karen Walker | Bracelet: Ann Taylor (old)

This past weekend I was in Knoxville for my brother's college graduation. Whenever I'm home, I try to make my rounds to a lot of stores and places we don't have up here in DC. Like more affordable apartment stores. Belk is one of my favorites. They generally have a great selection of brands that you can't find anywhere else. One such brand is Crown & Ivy. When my mother and I walked into the store, I went crazy. They had so many colorful, vibrant pieces for summer. I wanted it all. While I ultimately decided my budget wouldn't allow such a shopping spree, I narrowed it down to four pieces. I got the top featured in today's post, this top, this top and this gorgeous open back number for the beach. I'm obsessed.

Now let's talk about this top.

I love wearing chambray in the summer. Especially sleeveless tops like this. The fabric is so lightweight and comfortable. I'm obsessed with the details on this piece. From the design, to the tassels. It's summer perfection. I paired it with my new favorite white skinnies, and my gorgeous baby blue clutch. It was the perfect outfit for an evening out with family.


Dating, Vol. 3: "Quit Playing Games with My Heart"

A new installment of my dating series is here! Today we're talking about games. No, not the hunger games. Although, that is an excellent movie. What we're going to talk about falls more inline with a Backstreet Boys ballad or clip from the movie He's Just Not That Into You.

I have received a TON of wonderful feedback from my first two dating posts. Thank you!! Many of you find yourself in the same boat as me. If this series continues, we may need to charter a cruise ship instead of the tiny vessel I am imagining us all on. Nonetheless, we're "all in this together." Sadly, Zac Efron is not on the boat with us. Ugh. 

Any who... games.

No, not an amazing football game where the Tennessee Vols crush the Florida Gators. Yes, that will happen this year. No, not the amazingly talented Jennifer Lawrence aiming her bow and arrow at Julianne Moore. We're talking the games men play. No, not sports. The games with our feelings. Truth be told, we all play games. Not just the men. Giving you lovely gents a pass in today's post. Cause like I said, we're all in this together. We're all at fault here.

It's like this...

You spend a lovely evening at your local bar hangout, chatting up a nice fella and dreaming about how THIS man is finally the one. Yes, the one. You only tell yourself that, so that on your wedding day you can claim to the world that you knew the very first date you'd spend the rest of your life with him. Don't lie. You know it's true.

After this enchanting evening of small talk, a few Bud Lights, and exchange of "so glad to meet ya's," you head off into the magical distance of walking yourself home. 

Now you're home. You text your group chat of besties, "oh.m.g. ladies. He's amazing. We just have so much in common. Like, he's definitely different than all the other a-holes I've dated lately." They all send countless excited emojis, "so happy for you" texts, and the ultimate number one question is then asked....

"So, when are you hanging out next?" 

AHHHH! Let the panic ensue. Y'all never discussed this. I mean, you had a great time. So you're definitely hanging out again. Right? You both share a deep appreciation for Game of Thrones. So this is meant to be. RIGHT?! 

You then reply with the dreaded, "I don't know. He'll text me, right? Or should I text him?"

Then, your friends usually split in half. Team Old Fashioned vs. Team Feminist 

One friend says you should wait. Don't text him. Play hard to get. The other friend says, this is 2016. Men want women who show eagerness. Show interest. Show they aren't afraid to make a move. Right? Or do they? Gents, I'll let y'all weigh in on this one.

So you spend the next hour or so, going back and forth with your gal pals. Do you text him, or should he text you. You worry. You fret. You start freaking out, because it has been an hour and NO TEXT FROM HIM ON HOW MUCH FUN HE HAD. Sigh. 

You ultimately decide to play hard to get. No text. Goodnight. Point for Team Old Fashioned. 

ALL the next day, you wait. You wait. You eat lunch. You wait. You start panicking, because he hasn't texted. I mean come on. You gave last night all you had. You left everything on the bar stool.

You head home. No text. So you decide to tackle every menial task within your to-do list, solely to keep your mind off waiting for a text.

EUREKA!! A text. 

"Hey, what's up?"

THAT's IT?! I waited all this time for a "hey, what's up"?! That's the best he can do? 

So you then text your gal pals and conjure up the appropriate response. One that doesn't seem too excited, but gives just enough info to continue the convo.

You text him back.

He replies. 

You then wait ten minutes or so, because a. you don't want to seem too eager. Like you were waiting by your phone all day. and b. he made you wait, so now it's his turn. Hashtag games.

GAWWWWW, it's exhausting. Even just writing this (and you, probably reading this). Am I right? This is the cycle we go through every dang time. The process of games continues and continues. But I won't make y'all sit here all day reading the nonsense we put ourselves through. It's ridiculous honestly. What ever happened to going after what you wanted? If you like the girl, call her and ask her to hangout again. If you like the dude, text him. It's simple as that. Point for Team Feminist. 

Now, don't get me wrong. We all love the thrill of the chase. So there's a necessity for the mystery sometimes. But it honestly just gets so exhausting. I mean, do guys really get turned off because you texted him back within two minutes? Is it really that hard to just text a girl if you're interested? No and NO!

In relation to these consistent over thinking mind twisters, is it really that hard to just say you're not interested in someone anymore? This is the flip side of the games. Why does it have to be this logistical nightmare of a puzzle to piece together?!

If you go out on a date, or three, there are possible outcomes where both parties aren't interested in pursing things further. Shocking, I know. So instead of playing the game to just "keep up with the Jones's here," be upfront. Can people not just be honest anymore these days? Ladies (and gents), will respect you ten times more if you're just honest. Ladies (and gents), stop using people like they're a pawn in your local chess match. 

I know it's groundbreaking here, but seek what you want and you shall find. If you're looking for just a hook-up, say that. If you're looking for a relationship, say that. If you're looking for something somewhere in the middle (although no one ever knows what this really means) say that. Revolutionary, I know. Say what you mean and mean what you say people. If you don't want a relationship, say it. 

The Olympic size lengths some people go to are insane. Stick to a basic tennis match here, as like I said.... games are necessary to provide the mystery in a newly forming relationship. Let's leave the more involved competition to the real athletes of the world. K? Thanks! (gifs via)


Over the Weekend, Knoxville

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Over the Weekend I traveled to my hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee to visit with family and celebrate my little brother's college graduation. He graduated with a degree in Political Science and Economics, and will be heading to Nashville next weekend to move into his new apartment. He'll be working in politics and received a dream job offer. I'm such a proud big sis!!

While I was home I also got to see my best friend Lindsey and her baby, Rossie-Cate! This was the first time I met Rossie, as we usually FaceTime since they live in Mufreesboro and I live in DC. I always love seeing Lindsey and it was so nice to finally meet her sweet baby!!

The family and I ate a lot, shopped till we dropped on Friday, and spent a lot of time at the house! Mom is adding a new sunroom onto the back of our house. I showed a few sneak peeks on snapchat, but can't wait to share a full reveal on the blog later this fall (when I am home next to take photos). I also checked out my Dad's flower and vegetable garden. I'm so in love with the home they've built and always love coming home to see what they've added on next.

It was a wonderful few days home with my mom, dad and brother. I wish it was easier to get back to Tennessee more often, but nine hours is far to travel more than a few times a year. Thankfully football season is right around the corner and I'll be back for the UT vs. Florida game in September!

How was everyone else's weekend?!

Checkout the gorgeous sunset that welcomed me back to DC last night!! It was a perfect timing photo as we landed!